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Sean White Arrested, Dismissed From Team

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Auburn’s backup quarterback was arrested Saturday night for public intoxication.

NCAA Football: Sugar Bowl-Auburn vs Oklahoma John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

As most of you heard yesterday, Sean White was arrested early Sunday morning for public intoxication. Earlier today, he was dismissed from the football team. Sean had just finished a two week academic suspension last week, so it seems like he was already on thin ice before the arrest.

I won’t elaborate on them here, but the rumors floating around about Sean haven’t been great. Hopefully this is a chance for him to get right. He has real talent at quarterback, injury risk aside, and it would be a shame for him to let that go to waste. Regardless of what happens from here, I would hope the rest of the Auburn family would join me in wishing Sean the best for him.

As for the quarterback situation, this leaves Auburn in a position of having little to no depth. There are only two scholarship quarterbacks (Jarrett and Malik Willis), although Devin Adams did take a few snaps against Georgia Southern. I have to think Stidham will take every snap going forward, with the exception of Adams if we are blowing out ULM in November. The coaching staff has seemed pretty adament about wanting to keep Willis’s redshirt, so barring an injury to Stidham, I don’t think we will see him play. This makes keeping Joey Gatewood’s commitment to Auburn even more important over the next few months.

War Eagle, y’all.