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The Official Unofficial College and Magnolia Survivor Pool - Week 4

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You made it... barely

Louisiana Lafayette v Texas A&M Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Another week down. If you made it, congrats! If you didn’t, you are the weakest links. Goodbye! I actually bet that most of you were going to get knocked out by Texas A&M last week (I went ahead and burned Bama), and for about a half, I was feeling pretty good! Luckily for most of you, the Aggies finally got it together in the second half and pulled away late against Louisiana-Lafayette. The picks that did lose, however, included LSU, South Carolina, and Ole Miss. Let’s take a moment to lay our losing friends to rest.

Cause of Death: LSU lost to Mississippi State

davaidbradshaw11, elcarg4, and Foy Onion

Cause of Death: Ole Miss lost to Cal


Cause of Death: South Carolina lost to Kentucky

FtWorthJohn and Jack Condon

Yes, we lost our fearless leader last week. South Carolina takes even the best of us.

So what kind of games do we have to pick from this week? Let’s find out:

Saturday, September 23rd

11:00 AM CT

Arkansas (1-1) at Texas A&M (2-1)

UMass (0-4) at Tennessee (2-1)

2:30 PM CT

Louisiana Tech (2-1) at South Carolina (2-1)

#1 Alabama (3-0) at Vanderbilt (3-0) ... lol

6:00 PM CT

Syracuse (2-1) at #25 LSU (2-1)

#17 Mississippi State (3-0) at #12 UGA (3-0)

6:30 PM CT

#15 Auburn (2-1) at Missouri (2-1)

#20 Florida (1-1) at Kentucky (3-0)

There we have it! Happy picking.

War Eagle, y’all.