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Hindsight is 20/20: Give it Away Now

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Turnovers instead of cupcakes make me hangry.

NCAA Football: Mercer at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Forgive me as I write this. I’m “hangry”. I haven’t eaten all day due to my upcoming endoscopy and colonoscopy in the morning. My Doc and best friend told me to only have clear liquids until tomorrow.

He tells me I might have an ulcer. I told him it’s one more thing I can blame on Gus Malzahn.

For a middle of the pack FCS team to be within 7 points of of a team expected to contend for the SEC title in preseason makes the acidity in an Auburn fan’s stomach go into overdrive.

I have no words to describe my frustration with the Auburn offense, not really the players as much as the coaching staff. Sure, coaches don’t fumble and throw INT’s, but even if that never heappened and Auburn wins that game 56-7, the unimaginative, predictable Auburn offense is just tough to watch.

Receivers either do not get open or Jarrett Stidham is so programmed not not take risks that the passing game beyond 8 yards is just not there.

Stidham played a great game Saturday, but I could have thrown for 200 yards with that pass protection.

Stidham may have that much time to throw again against Missouri, but that is likely the last time he will have it that easy for a while.

Kam Pettway looks slow to me. Maybe it’s the foot injury, maybe it’s the fact that his 240 is really more like 260. And as thin as Auburn is at running back right now with the SEC schedule upon us, maybe it’s not the best time to give it to Bubba 34 times.

Auburn’s defense continues to play well, and if we can find some semblance of an offense I think this team will be just fine.

Missouri may cure all of our ills because they are just flat out awful. But truth be told I am not getting my hopes up.

Auburn is short two roster spots once held by highly recruited players who again didn’t live up to the hype. Sean White’s issues have been urban legend at Auburn for a while. Byron Cowart was beaten out by younger more hungry players so he decided to bail.

Both departures speak to a more serious problem in the Gus Malzahn administration. The University will make decisions on those at the end of the season. Here’s hoping we look back in December and laugh at ourselves for worrying about this.