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Staff Predictions - Auburn vs Missouri

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And what do we say to the God of Death?

Not today.

Auburn at Missouri. The only meeting between these two as members of the SEC resulted in a record-setting performance by the Tigers (our kind) and a conference championship as well as Auburn beat the CoMo visitors 59-42 in the 2013 SEC Championship.

What kind of expectations do we have this time around? Take a gander.


This is it. This is the game where the offense finally has its full complement of running backs and #8 has gotten himself in rhythm with his receivers and they are going to finally put points on the board. Missouri is one of those teams who look like they will give up if Auburn gets a quick touchdown in the 1st quarter. If that happens, we could have a 2016 Arkansas game on our hands. And I will be ecstatic.

42-17 good guys.


Missouri's defense is just what the doctor ordered for the ailing Tiger offense.

Auburn 34 Mizzou 13.


It's the current No. 36 total offense (ypg) versus the current second best defense in the country (also based on ypg). On the converse it's the 83rd best offense going against the 103rd defense (still basing everything on ypg). Who will score last or for that matter, at all?! Find out this Saturday at 5:30 PM on...ESPN U?!! Well, shit...

Auburn 30 - 20 Mizzou


This better be get well Saturday for the Auburn offense. The Missouri defense is just atrocious, and their offense isn't much better.

Do I think the offense staff is capable of creativity? It's possible. But they have to show us something in the show me state to make us believe again.

Auburn 28 Missou 3


I really don't know what to think. I want to believe that the offense will get back on track this week and be able to move the ball AND hold onto the ball, but I've had this feeling with Gus before. So basically I'm going with the "I'll believe it when I see it" approach. Mizzou's offense hasn't been very good outside of torching Missouri State and I think they are in for a long day regardless. Auburn's defense is as for real as it gets, so I'm going to predict Auburn 27 Mizzou 7 and hope for something more like Auburn 42 Mizzou 7. War Eagle.


It’s important Auburn starts fast this week. The minute adversity struck this Missouri team the last two weeks they folded. However, I expect they come out energized and will try to take some shots early. If AU can put a few quick scores on them and force a few punts I think this game could look a lot like Mississippi State 2016. If AU lets them hang around it could get dicey come the 4th quarter. However, I think Auburn’s offense is about to turn a corner and the orange and blue Tigers start rolling this Saturday.

Auburn 38 Missouri 10


As painful as this season has been, there's a part of me that wants to believe that this is just the slow start that Gus teams always have. If that's the case, this is usually the time of year that they finally put it all together.

I think Mizzou has had this game circled all off season. I think this is also their make-or-break spot. I think they put up a harder fight than we might expect, but our Tigers win. 31-10.


I think this is the week everything finally comes together. Missouri has been horribad on defense (did y'all see them give up 42 to Missouri State?), so I honestly expect the offense to move the ball *at least* as well as last week, minus the turnovers. Just a quick peep at the S&P rankings this week (which y'all should really check out by the way) have Mizzou's defense ranked 100th vs Auburn's offense at 48th, and Mizzou's offense ranked 29th vs Auburn's defense at 5th. That's right, FIFTH. We'll win both sides of the ball pretty easily. It'll be a tough cover at 19 points for a conference game on the road, but I think Auburn is *just* barely up to the task.

34-13 Auburn

Oh, and Daniel Carlson's getting right here with a 54 yard field goal to go into the half.


I predicted a gigantic blowout last week for the Mercer game, going so far as to say we’d shut them out and blow the doors off on offense.

There’s no way I make that mistake again. Missouri seems like a wounded animal, but not the dangerous kind that will bite you. More like the kind that dies. I don’t really see any way they put up enough of a fight after the last couple of weeks of ineptitude, and so I see this as an easy win for the orange and blue Tigers. It won’t be the type of fireworks show we want to see, but it’ll still be satisfying.

Jarrett Stidham hits close to another 300-yard day, and we see a rejuvenated Kerryon Johnson hit a couple of long runs as well. Kam Pettway should have plenty of room to run, and this could be the game where our receivers get open to finally hit that elusive big play. There will be mistakes, but not nearly as many as we’ve seen the past couple of weeks.

We’ll feel pretty good tomorrow night. Auburn 35, Missouri 7.