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Postgame Snap Judgments - Auburn @ Missouri

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That was good. These takes will be too.

NCAA Football: Auburn at Missouri Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

51-14 last night and it probably wasn’t even that close. In the second half, Missouri’s first team offense was getting stopped by freshmen and walk-ons on Auburn’s defense. It was the best game since the Arkansas adventure last year, and hopefully it boosts Auburn to a big winning streak just like last year. Let’s get the reactions.


Missouri is bad. Very bad. But man we beat them like they committed a crime. That was fun to watch.

Auburn's defense played aggressively. They looked like they wanted to break Mizzou's players in half. They finally got over the hump and forced some turnovers. The coverage was tight. I'm ok with getting occasional pass interference calls because our corners are being physical all game.

Offense cured the turnover problems and looked solid. I'm a little worried about our running game. We averaged 5 yards per carry but Pettway is clearly banged up and Kerryon was being worked on between series. After them, we have some options but they aren't as good. The good news is Stidham is pretty doggone good when he's vertical.

Daniel Carlson remains Carlson.

We'll know more about how good we are next week. If we blow Miss State out, I'll feel better about life.


Missouri cures all woes. Kerryon makes a huge difference for this offense. Win at home next week and things are looking up.


Auburn looked damn good beating a bad team. I’m not sure what it means long term, if anything, but I loved it. War Eagle.


Auburn did what good teams are supposed to do, and that's beat the hell out of awful teams like Mizzou. Game was never in doubt and Mizzou was overmatched by the Tigers in O&B from the opening whistle. Come out next week and take care of business against an overmatched Mississippi State team and I'll feel better for sure.


Gus Malzahn, now a member of the Men in Black.

Agent G:

The Auburn offense has been an elite unit for five years now. Gus Malzahn is the best play-caller in the SEC, but he has given total control of play-calling duties to Chip Lindsey. Jarrett Stidham has an arm made of gold, the offensive line can hold up to any pass rush in college football, and Daniel Carlson has made all of his field goals this season.



This game was decided before the end of the first quarter. I like that. Auburn looked like it should have a number next to its name for the first time in a few weeks.

Now we need to go on a run. I loved the creativity in play calling tonight. Definitely not vanilla and definitely not base stuff.

Message received, Chip. The wildcat works and you’ve got like 9 different versions of it.


Win probability was likely near 100% pretty quickly, and that’s the way it should be against a team that looked pretty much like Auburn in 2012. Jarrett Stidham finally really went deep, and hit three long balls to three different guys. The run game didn’t move like I would like to see, but in a win like that, it’s nitpicking.

The defense is bad. And not in terms of quality — we have some bad dudes out there. And we’ve got some younger bad dudes as well (Jordyn Peters, why you gotta be so rude to Drew Lock?)

Mississippi State could come in totally deflated next week and we could see something similar to happened to them in Athens last night, and then we’re off to the races. The rest of the schedule shakes out as well as it could.