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September 25, 2017

NCAA Football: Auburn at Missouri Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Auburn beat the pants off of Missouri this weekend, and so we’ll close the book on that here for your Monday morning. Plenty left to show you!

Not gonna lie, it felt really good to get a victory like that -- blowing out a team that we shouldn’t have had a problem with and getting it over with quickly.

It was a good game for our old friend, Mr. Buddy Davidson, to see for his 698th consecutive Auburn game. He can get 700 at the Ole Miss game in just a couple of weeks.

As for the action on the field, with every phase of the game clicking like it was, it’s going to be hard to beat Auburn.

While the offense had a breakthrough game, the defense took a bit of a hit with some garbage yards posted, but their marks are still fantastic.

And as we look ahead to Mississippi State, here are a couple of notes on the starters that didn’t even play on Saturday.

When Mississippi State comes into Jordan-Hare on Saturday evening, they’ll be licking their wounds and facing the prospect of being a double-digit road dog.

MSU got drilled by Georgia a week after throttling LSU, so who knows how much they’ve got at the end of their rope as they head into Auburn for the second road game in a row.

We’ll have to see. War Eagle.