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Auburn Basketball is in Deep Trouble

Chuck Person arrested, FBI investigation, what the hell.

Mark Almond

So... today has been an eventful day.

Not the good kind of eventful.

I got a text from a buddy of mine earlier this morning that simply said “Oh no Auburn basketball”.

I rushed to Twitter. What did I find?

Sadly, this is not a laughing matter. You don’t just get arrested by the damn FBI and come out clean. The DOJ is investigating. This isn’t just about college basketball. Words like “corruption” and “bribery” are on the table. Right now we don’t really know how this will end.

At the very least, it doesn’t look good for Auburn basketball, obviously. This will be brought up during every single game they play this season, and if the team has a good season, whether these charges had anything to do with Auburn’s recruiting or not, insinuations will be made.

“Auburn cheated.”

“Dirty program.”

Can we blame anyone who decides to talk that way? Not one bit. We’re big fans of throwing around lines from the Auburn Creed, but I won’t quote any of those today. You all know it already. If we want our school and athletic department to follow the Creed, and not just to rally behind empty words, there has to be change.

You’d like to imagine that Bruce Pearl was unaware of this going on, but how could he be? What kind of a head coach wouldn’t have an idea of something like this going on?

After clawing and scratching (maybe unfairly after all) to get to a position where talented players are actually scattered all throughout the roster, we’re now looking at a situation that could see Auburn basketball thrown back into the Stone Ages. We don’t really know.

And what of Jay Jacobs? It doesn’t look good. It’s really bad, in fact. After the situation with the softball team and the investigation surrounding that, this is exactly the kind of thing that gets us searching for a new athletic director.

We have a new university president, who doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who wants this kind of cloud hanging around.

Let’s recap the situation, shall we?

Those are the facts regarding the arrest and the array of charges laid out against Chuck Person.

Now for Auburn’s response...

And now for a couple of pieces that illustrate a point made above.

All told, there are so many unknowns at this point, and even a couple of sighs of relief (at least we didn’t pay $100,000 for a single player), but this still sucks.

We’ll wait for more information, but for now, those that wanted to drain the swamp after the softball scandal came out may just get their wish.

War Eagle anyway.