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September 27, 2017

First of all, I’m sure you’re aware of the troubles embroiling Auburn basketball assistant coach Chuck Person — click here for an aggregate of the news stories from yesterday — and that this is a big deal. At least for the time being, we’ll need to find a new assistant coach, considering ours was arrested and charged with six felonies. There’s also the fallout to see exactly what else may stem from this. It doesn’t sound like we’ll get tagged with any NCAA punishments, but an athletic department can’t have this kind of thing hanging over it. We’ll hear about it literally every time Auburn takes the court this season.

Now for some football news.

Check out Gus’ press conference from yesterday when he previewed Mississippi State and the conference home opener.

Another piece from the official website highlights Braden Smith, and his journey from out west to the Plains.

In each game this year, Auburn’s been short at least one running back (whether by design or by obligation is a whole different story), but it looks like everyone could be available for the Bulldogs this weekend.

And on the other side of the ball, we should hopefully have a guy or two returning for a unit that somehow wants to get better than the insane defense it’s been playing so far.

Finally, looking ahead to the spring, Auburn’s going to have one of the top prospects in the conference, southeast, and the nation in Casey Mize. D1Baseball released its list of the top pro prospects in the country, and Auburn’s junior pitcher was front and center.

More to come! War Eagle.