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Link sAUsage: Softball Gets Underway

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September 28, 2017

As we look ahead to Mississippi State, much of the coverage of Auburn’s home conference opener has taken a back seat to the scandal involving Chuck Person. Let’s start off your Thursday with the latest in that saga.

As of right now, the NCAA isn’t involved yet, but the FBI investigation into this whole ordeal has already caused Auburn a little harm with E.J. Montgomery pulling back on his commitment.

And if you have buyer’s regret after purchasing your basketball season tickets, then you’ve got all the freedom in the world to go get your money back.

Right now, Louisville has axed both its national championship-winning coach Rick Pitino, and its AD Tom Jurich, so there’s a precedent set for the Jacobs Anti-Trust people.

Now, for happier news. Auburn softball got underway with its first fall practice yesterday.

And as we do look forward to our big Saturday night special on the Plains this weekend, please look past the fact that Mississippi State got dump-trucked last weekend and realize that yes, this is a good team.

The rushing attack wasn’t quite where it needed to be on Saturday, but it was better. I did like the combination we put in, as they did everything they were asked to do against Missouri. I’m sure it’ll help having a full complement of guys to run the ball.

On the other side of the ball, we did just fine last year stopping Nick Fitzgerald and the Bulldog offense, so it should be more of the same on Saturday, right? Right??

And finally today, let’s do a little compare and contrast. One of the big stories all offseason was how Gus Malzahn was going to stop calling plays and give up the offensive reins completely. Over in Starkville, something completely different goes on, as Dan Mullen holds onto the offense like a newborn baby... how does that work for them?

Kickoff will be here ‘fore you know it. Hope the eagle flies good. War Eagle.