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Staff Predictions - Auburn vs Mississippi State

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Get your advice for Vegas right here, baby.

NCAA Football: Auburn at Missouri Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Auburn’s coming off of a big win, Mississippi State’s coming off of a big loss. Auburn got to rest some last week, MSU really didn’t. Will fresh legs be the tale of the tape after Saturday night? Why don’t you read our staff predictions to find out exactly what will happen tomorrow evening.



Miss State destroyed LSU and got destroyed by Georgia. Auburn has also looked amazing one week and awful the next. Nobody's played anybody until further notice. Almost anything can happen. I've got Auburn 27-14.


Auburn is going to ground and pound the crap out of Mississippi State and it's going to be too much for them to handle. As we all saw against Missouri, if Auburn is doing well running the ball, they definitely won't shy away from it. Nick Fitzgerald and the Mississippi State offense hasn't seen a defense like Auburn's yet and especially on the road, it's gonna be extremely tough for them to get anything going.

Prediction: Mississippi State 20-31 Auburn


I don't know what to make of State. No way they're as good as they looked against LSU, but I doubt they're as bad as they looked against UGA.

If the Auburn offensive line shows up and protects Stidham, they will carry the day. I don't see State doing much against the Auburn defense.

I'll take...

Auburn 23

Last Chance MSU 6


My biggest concern heading into Saturday is the health of Auburn's running backs. It sounds like all three of Kamryn Pettway, Kerryon Johnson and Kam Martin are banged up. If I knew that any of those three were healthy and ready to carry the load I would feel a lot better about AU winning this one comfortably. Either way, I do think the Tigers get it done Saturday. Auburn's defense is at the same level as UGA's and should keep Mullen's offensive attack contained. The question will be whether the offense can move the ball on Grantham's defense. I think AU connects on a few deep shots and the Tigers get enough from their ground game to pull away in the 4th quarter.

State 10

Auburn 27


I think we have a really good football team. If both of our tailbacks are healthy, I think this could be a really fun game. MSU’s defense has played well this season, but let Chubb do what he wanted. I think we see Auburn figure the running game out again.

Auburn 31

MSU 17


With a few exceptions, this game has been closer the last few years. Even the 2010 game was tight. I feel like this is a game of defenses and Auburn’s is better. AU 20-14.


I only feel okay about this game because it's not in Starkville. Bounces tend to go our way in Jordan-Hare, even if half of our team has shadow injuries no one ever talks about. 5 is a weird kickoff time, but the sun will set, just like Dan Mullen's perennial hopes of winning the west. Our crew miss the second half because we'll be in a John Mulaney show, so my prediction is in the language of John and Petunia:

Mississippi State: "I was never the alpha of this house!" Auburn: DEEESH NOW.


I think Auburn goes to the well for a deep ball or three early on in this game, just to see how Mississippi State handles it. They didn’t against Georgia, and it put the Maroon Bulldogs in a hole early that they never climbed out of.

They’ll defend a bit better against the deep pass since they’re ready for it, but Auburn still hits one or two in the game, and a (hopefully) uninjured battery of running backs makes the second half go quickly and quietly. The defense is #lit and won’t allow much, especially to a run-based attack. We nearly doubled the spread at Missouri, and I think we’ll do something similar at home tomorrow night.

Auburn, 34-16.