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Morning After Snap Judgments - Auburn vs Georgia Southern

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What made your knees jerk in happiness, anger, confusion as Auburn beat GSU 41-7 last night?

NCAA Football: Georgia Southern at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Auburn beat Georgia Southern, Auburn is 1-0, Auburn allowed 78 total yards last night (their best in more than 30 years), Auburn gained more than 500 yards and ran for over 350. Auburn did that without its backup quarterback in Sean White, starting tailback Kam Pettway, and one starting receiver in Kyle Davis. Auburn visits Clemson next weekend in a meeting that’s College Gameday worthy, if it were not for the fact that Oklahoma visits Ohio State at the very same time.

Those are all facts. Now for the opinions.

First, from Ryan Sterritt:

  • Jarrett looked fine. If Slayton catches that deep ball that hit him on the hands AND numbers, he has a "big night" in his debut. Whatever... Dude throws a ball as pretty as he is *swoon*.
  • I thought the defense might keep Southern to fewer yards than we had points. It was that way well into the 3rd quarter. Sure, close games are fun, but so is watching Auburn defensive linemen and linebackers swat blocks away like flies. This front seven is going to be sooooo good, y'all.
  • Hopefully Kerryon is okay. It was easy to see how effective he and Kam Martin can be at times, and having a big bulldozer like Pettway will create so much more space for them.
  • Did y'all catch the RPO on Stidham's TD run? Oh yeah, its back baby.


  • For those still concerned about the DJ... Don't be. He was great. Basically if Auburn hadn't publicly announced there would be a DJ, you wouldn't know it except for the fact that the music played over the speakers (like there always is) was under his control. He didn't overstep the band at all. As Peggy said on Twitter, it was lit.
  • Apparently the steps in Section 19 try to fight you as you walk up. From the second row above the walkway, I'm not exaggerating when I say AT LEAST 50 people tripped in some fashion on the second or third step going up last night. The highlight was probably a pledge who tripped in almost slow motion, who then proceeded to just lay on the spilled coke for a few seconds before stumbling back up to the top of the section. It provided us with some good laughs through almost the whole night.
  • As for our beloved Daniel Carlson...


Now, from James Jones:

  • I'm not going to be as verbose, but that was fun. It was fun to be home again. To be honest the game reminded me of Tuberville against an overmatched non-conference team. Our defense gave them zero chance of ever making it a game, and eventually the offense made a few plays with a vanilla game plan. 78 total yards. EIGHT PASSING YARDS. They had to have negative net passing yards when you count the sacks. I'm excited to watch the recording because it seemed like Tre Williams lived in their backfield. Williams, Holland, Davidson, Brown, and BYRON COWART were monsters tonight. Damn that was fun.
  • Yes the offense sputtered at times. It also looked like a lot of Malzahn play-action after the RPO sack-fumble-TD. That's not necessarily a bad thing. We put about 5% of Lindsey's offense on tape for Clemson, and still beat the spread if you found the right shop. War Eagle.

From Emily Rios:

  • Jarrett was rusty. He held onto the ball a little too long on some plays. But, all that's to be expected. Receivers not named Will Hastings need to step it up. I think that'll all sort itself out.
  • The offense was pretty vanilla, which we also expected, but it was more fast paced. No mass subs, no one looking at the sideline for the call for 20 seconds. That's a great start to a better offense.
  • That defense was just smothering. I can't even put into words how awesome that defense looked.

From the incorrigible Son of Crow:

  • The SEC Network Tigers are still alive and well! 6-0 in prime time!
  • The offense looked like it was A-day. Very vanilla, very basic. Flashes of brilliance, but also sloppy first game problems.
  • We have to block for a downfield passer for the first time in a while and I think that will take getting used to. Our defensive line looked like 4 Nick Fairleys at the same time. Unreal. I found myself yelling "Watch Out!" At the GSU Qb.

And now for a bevy of bullets from AUNerd:

  • Jarrett Stidham had guys open in first half that he just missed. But I think OL breakdowns rattled him. Bounced back in 2nd half.
  • OL is my bigger concern. Some major breakdowns in first half. Helped lead to Stidham looking uncomfortable. #1 concern heading into Clemson
  • Cannella was open all night. Catch the damn ball tho.... Wanna see NCM involved more in the gameplan. Too much talent to not get touches
  • Overall, still think offense can be deadly. Adding Pettway back will be big. #1 concern moving forward is stabilizing OL
  • Jeff Holland & Derrick Brown made it clear tonight that AU will be just fine without Lawson/Adams. Byron Cowart also had a good night
  • Tre Williams is going to make himself some money this fall. Incredible closing speed and dude doesn't miss tackles. Huge senior year coming
  • Tough start for Carlson but hopefully this actually eases pressure. Doesn't have to worry about being perfect

The wise words of Dusty Miller:

  • Offense: More vanilla that two scoops of Blue Bell. Stidham looked rusty, which is to be expected not having played in 2 years. Wide Recievers had trouble getting open, but were only asked to run actual routes for a handful of plays (and got open on those). It was mostly variations of 4 verts. Turnovers were troubling, but correctable. O-Line looked soft to me. But, that has been an early season gripe of mine for several years. I expect it to get better. Hope KJ is ok. Will be nice getting Pettway and Kyle Davis back next week.
  • Defense: That front 7 got my jimmies rustled. Hoo buddy they looked good. Takes discipline to defend an option style offense and they did an incredible job of being physical and swarming to the ball. Jeff Holland made a (convincing) case to be the best J. Holland to have played for AU. Auburn has always had good LB play when they field a pair of Williams at the position.

Now for mine:

  • Defense will keep us in every game this year, bar none. Even in the past few years against lower-tier FBS teams Auburn seems to allow an early drive or take a while to adjust. I know the offense (hopefully) didn’t show much last night, but the defense sent a message to Dabo Swinney to watch out for next week. Get your backup quarterback ready, coach. Kelly Bryant’s going to get hit.
  • Watching on TV, it was tough to see if Nate Craig-Myers was getting open or not, and if Stidham just wasn’t throwing him the ball. It was clear to see who Stidham likes to throw to, and if Slayton had better hands last night, we’re thinking it was a pretty good performance overall. I would love to see NCM become a huge part of this offense. Based on the A-Day game and the few videos we’ve seen from practice, he was featured in the spring and fall camps, but he didn’t get a pass thrown his way last night.
  • Also watching on TV, it was evident that the new clock rules had a pretty noticeable effect on the length of the game. There were times where I’d flip over during a commercial to check on the FSU-Bama game and I’d miss a play coming back because the breaks were shorter. Halftime was noticeably quicker as well. I like it.
  • I do a neurotic thing where I’ll cross my leg in the direction that Auburn’s going on the field, and when I realized that I had it crossed the wrong direction, I switched and Auburn scored the next play. You’re welcome.
  • They showed the eagle flight on TV and it looked like he flew good.

Now that you ready all of that, you get the highlights.

1-0, Clemson up next. War Eagle!