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Labor Day Link sAUsage: Lots of Defense

September 4, 2017

NCAA Football: Georgia Southern at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, we didn’t blow OUR 34-point lead over the weekend. Yeah, we weren’t facing the hot-tub-sittin’ Josh Rosen, but Texas A&M has gone through the entire scope of their usual seasons under Kevin Sumlin in a single game.

We’ll still run into the Aggies in College Station (right where we like them) later in the year, but that’s a looooooong way off. We’ve got bigger fish to fry this coming weekend. It’s official CLEMSON GAME WEEK.

Still, there’s a ton left to unpack from the opener against Georgia Southern. Mainly, the defense and a historic performance on the Plains.

Flat out, the defense was incredible. 78 total yards on the night, and aside from the one 25-yard run by the Eagles, a staggering 0.96 yards per play allowed. Just nuts.

Couple of other things to unpack from the win — first of all, we got to see that Stidham likes to throw to a couple of guys in particular, including Will Hastings.

Daniel Carlson became Auburn’s all-time leading scorer in the victory as well, despite missing a couple of early long field goals. Hopefully that just takes the pressure off of him to be perfect moving forward and he can stick 20-30 field goals in Ed Orgeron’s face.

And finally, if you want to relive the victory and the aftermath, check out the Auburn Football Review as the Tigers improved to 1-0 on the year!

Huge, huge game coming up this weekend. It’s one of three barnburners around the country Saturday night that the entire nation will be watching. Much more coming this week with Auburn and Clemson.

Until then, War Eagle.