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Link sAUsage: Clemson Game Week Officially Begins

September 5, 2017

NCAA Football: Georgia Southern at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Here we are, tired and bleary-eyed after a Sunday and a Monday night with late college football. If you missed it, the SEC somehow came out on top of the ACC as Tennessee rallied against Georgia Tech to win 42-41 in double overtime. We just know that Auburn will somehow win a closer game than that this weekend in Death Valley, and we’ll all lose several years in the process.

As for the team that’ll be playing at Clemson? They did pretty well over the weekend with the win over Georgia Southern, and things are trending in their way early on as we get ready for Saturday.

People are putting actual dollars on the Tigers to win, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that line gets closer in favor of Auburn as the week progresses...

And if you believe in such statistics having any bearing on the field...

A lot of that credit goes to Tuberville, who had a ridiculous record against highly-ranked teams. It was often the middling ones that nipped him, but the point still stands. When Auburn is good, they usually win.

Looking at Clemson, they’ve made a couple of depth chart changes after the opener,

That right tackle spot is interesting, because that’s exactly where either Jeff Holland or Marlon Davidson will be matching up, and if they’ve got someone not up for game speed in there, it’ll be a problem.

For Gus, putting freshmen into his own depth chart wasn’t just guff — plenty of them actually played on Saturday, and played pretty well.

And first time starter Prince Tega Wanogho also got his first look at extended game action.

When you look at the defensive backs, it was the perfect opportunity for them to get their feet wet, as their responsibilities were largely complementary to the rest of the defense. Play run support, and if they pass, don’t give up the big play. They did well, and it was an easing-in type of game for one guy who hadn’t played in awhile.

Couple final notes today, check out this feature on two of our starting linebackers and their hometown. It’s pretty great stuff.

According to CollegeFootballNews, it’ll be a game against the 2nd-ranked Tigers in Death Valley this weekend. They’ve got Auburn at 14, but we’ll see where we fall when the polls are released later today.