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Link sAUsage: Walk-Ons and Clemson Prep

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September 6, 2017

NCAA Football: Georgia Southern at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

We’re thick in the game prep for the Clemson Tigers this Saturday, as Auburn will visit the #3 team in the country to try and exact revenge for a close and frustrating loss last season, and try to break a three-game losing streak in the process.

Gus Malzahn met with the media yesterday, so if you’ve got the time on a Wednesday morning, check out his full comments from the session yesterday.

One of the main points out of Gus’ comments was that receiver Kyle Davis, who was suspended for the Georgia Southern game, will be back and should be heavily used against Clemson. He should be able to help out the Tigers’ passing game, as Auburn didn’t complete a pass longer than 19 yards in the opener (although they didn’t really try to stretch the field much).

If you’d like to hear the opposite side of the coin, you can check out Dabo Swinney’s press conference as well...

Or for an abridged version without the folksy Bammer charm, you can read the cliffs notes...

On Saturday as Kam Pettway was suspended, it bumped Kam Martin up to the #2 running back, a role that he took on and performed with gusto. He had a bit of a motivator behind his play, though...

And if you want to keep the emotional vein going here, check out this video where you can see six Tiger walk-ons receive scholarships — Will Hastings, Griffin King, Gary Walker, Chase Ritter, Keenan Sweeney, and Tucker Brown.

Finally today, we go to our favorite former Tiger that’s now in the league, as he’s ready to go for the opening weekend of the NFL season without any sort of restriction. Don’t screw this up, Mike Shula.

Go get ‘em, Cam! War Eagle.