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Hindsight is 20/20: Vanilla is My Flavor

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Auburn ran about 7 of the base-est of base plays in an easy 41-7 win.

NCAA Football: Georgia Southern at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

I have to admit; I was frustrated watching Auburn in the first half of week 1. Auburn’s newly revamped offense was not really even vamped. The Counter OT run play we’ve seen a thousand times again worked to perfection several times with two different running backs. We saw the jet sweep, the receiver screen and a few vertical routes. That was about it.

I don’t know why I was expecting Chip Lindsey to throw the kitchen sink at lowly Ga Southern. It would have been really stupid to do that in hindsight. Why show Clemson anything new?

Still, the worry-wort in me has concerns about our O-Line’s ability to pass block and to pick up blitzes. I was not expecting to see Jarrett Stidham touched much less blind-sided by a blitzing linebacker. So there are some blemishes to clear up and they need clearing in a hurry, because Auburn will face a much better defense on the road this Saturday.

I will withhold judgement on whether Chip Lindsey is really running the show till this time next week. I see a ton of Malzahn fingerprints on this offense, which is ok to a point. The biggest knock on Gus is that he has gotten predictable and stale. Lindsey and Al Borges were supposed to fix all that. So again, I will withhold judgement.

Auburn’s defense, though.

We saw some spotty play at best from Auburn’s receivers (other than former walk on kickers). Nate Craig-Meyers was nowhere to be found and Slayton did his best “Stone Hands” from Necessary Roughness* imitation with a pass that hit him right in the facemask in the first quarter. Given, the DB did have hold of Slayton’s arm but how cool would it have been had the ball lodged itself in there.

Legatron was 2-4 in field goals. Which I can only attribute to global warming. Yep, global warming caused it, along with these ridiculous hurricanes and sea levels rising.

But Auburn’s defense is just…damn.

So now we are left to sit on our hands and pace nervously waiting for Saturday in Death *chuckle* Valley. Clemson looked solid in their opener, beating lowly Kent State. I haven’t heard if Dabo danced or not after the win. I can’t really put my finger on what makes me dislike him so much. Maybe it’s the fact that a forty something white guy thinks he’s cool enough to dance. Speaking as a forty something white guy: Dabo, you’re not. And odds are you weren’t even when you were a twenty something year old white guy, but I digress.

We find out an awful lot about ourselves come Saturday.

War Eagle.

*For all you twenty somethings, Necessary Roughness was a movie that starred Sinbad** and the guy from Quantum Leap***

**Sinbad is a marginally funny comedian from the 90’s.

***Quantum Leap was a TV show where a guy travelled back in time righting wrongs and….you know what I’m old. Look it up on Hulu.