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Link sAUsage: Biggest Worry vs Clemson... O-Line? And NFL!

Auburn’s offense rolled over Georgia Southern last Saturday, but it was hardly easy. Among the different things that we saw, there appeared to be little push by the offensive line and some breakdowns in protection as Jarrett Stidham took a few more hits than we might have liked to see.

What do the five guys up front need to do to keep Stidham upright and the run game rolling against Clemson? Well, it’s going to be hard when you go against a couple of guys in Dexter Lawrence and Christian Wilkins that will probably be future top ten picks in the NFL Draft.

It’s not only the defense that’ll be rocking when the Tigers bus into Death Valley, but the entire crowd. Over the past several seasons, Dabo’s crafted Memorial Stadium into one of the toughest places to play in the country, and it’ll be no different on Saturday night.

Last week, we lost an Auburn legend in Jackie Burkett. He was truly the epitome of an Auburn man, and his legacy won’t be forgotten.

For those of you making the trip to Clemson on Saturday, you’ll want to be sure to support the proper Tigers in any way you can. That means attending Tiger Walk! Where will it be? Mash below to find out.

Be sure to wear the right colors as well. Or else.

And finally, as the NFL season begins tonight, make sure you know exactly where all of your former Tigers are playing around the league. Here’s a handy list!

Tonight when the Chiefs and Patriots meet, you might be able to see Dee Ford, Brandon King, and Jonathan Jones manning the defense for their respective sides.

Just a couple more days until Clemson! We’ll get ‘em. War Eagle!