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Link sAUsage: Clemson Eve, Kerryon, Irma

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September 8, 2017

We roll (tomorrow) night. To the git-tar bite. For those about to rock, we salute you.

It’s Death Valley Pt. I tomorrow night as Auburn meets Clemson for the first road show of the year. I know many fans like the home blues, but I’ve read consistently over the years that the players like wearing the stormtroopers much more, and so I hope that works out tomorrow night as well for a little extra oomph.

As for our biggest worry after last weekend — Kerryon Johnson’s hamstring injury — it doesn’t appear that he’ll be available tomorrow night.

At this rate, we may have Kam Martin taking a big role in at least the first three games, as there’s no way Kerryon plays next week against Mercer if they’re still trying to rehab him up.

The other big issue right now revolves around the impending storm out in the Atlantic. Hurricane Irma is a big deal, causing cancellations around the state of Florida as it comes closer every day. Florida and Florida State have already scrubbed their paycheck games against Northern Colorado and Louisiana Monroe, but it wasn’t before Gator AD Scott Stricklin talked with Jay Jacobs to explore all options.

Right now, the path of the storm is inexact. We’re not sure if Auburn’s game with Clemson will be affected, but Irma likely won’t be in the South Carolina area until Monday. As of now, GAME ON.

If there is any adjustment to the schedule, it would likely need to happen this morning to allow for the changes to be made with TV and personnel, etc.

So, onto the game for now. We’ve all talked about the trench battles and how each quarterback will play, but we haven’t focused much on the fringe combat with receivers vs defensive backs. On both sides, it’ll be interesting to watch, but for Auburn, the most important matchup will come against Clemson’s best wideout.

Last year, Mike Williams caught more than 170 yards worth of passes from Deshaun Watson against Carlton Davis.

That number aside, the defense played well last year (obviously), so we’re all feeling fairly confident against the purple Tigers this year.

And if for nothing else, we do need to knock these guys off their perch. Thanks for beating Alabama last year, now kindly leave.

Is that kid on the right dabbing or sneezing?

Couple of notes for you from the university... apparently further stadium expansion is imminent.

I like the old charm of our current rinky-dink Northern scoreboard. It takes you back to a more idyllic time, and I don’t think we need another video board in that stadium. If they’re taking suggestions, BRICK THE ENTIRE EXTERIOR.

And we already knew this, but...


Finally, with the start of the NFL season last night, we’ll leave you with Cammy Cam trashing Georgia.

One day until the big one. War Eagle!