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Apocalypse Watch - National Championship Open Thread

We’re giving you a place to grieve and vent.

This will be my face tonight. All night. Every time someone gains a yard. Every time one of our two biggest rivals succeeds in any way.

It’s going to be hard, but what are you going to do? Not watch the last football game of the season? It’s a trainwreck featuring the entire family. You have to look. You have to rubberneck. You have to see how much carnage is going to be laid out in Atlanta.

I’m expecting fights in the stands, I’m expecting pain on the field, and I’m expecting hurt in some fashion in the hearts of Auburn fans everywhere.

What’s more, watch this thing end up in a good, clean competitive game that makes both the Bulldog and the Tide fans congratulate each other for being awesome.

No. No. NO.

We’re going to have to watch one of our two biggest rivals win a national championship tonight. That’s a fact. It’s unavoidable. Literally! It’s on, like, every sports station!

Just put your faith in this guy on ABC and you’ll be fine.

So why not just buckle up and hate-watch this thing? Let’s do it together.

We beat you, Alabama.

We beat you, Georgia.

You’re not MY national champion.