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Boom! Roasted! - Week 5

This week will be a little bit light and I will ask for some help. I wasn’t really able to do my normal job of keeping the pulse of the college football landscape to bring you all the fun tidbits while everyone else was dodging lightning bolts and praying for offense since I was in South Bend to take in Notre Dame thrashing Stanford. I will however share one game from the weekend and then open the floor for you to openly mock whoever you would like to help us feel better about the hand that the College Football God’s have delt us in their heathen vengeful wrath.


Just as the tweet below says, you have the ball, up 3 with 2ish minutes to play. You also, don’t have a great offense but you are at the opponent’s 21 yard line. A field goal is in the bag and perhaps the game if you play your cards (no pun intended) right. SO LET’S THROW IT AND OH GOD….

This is the point where people point and question the play call, and they are very correct to do so. FSU drove the field in less than a minute to take the game and win their first ACC Game of the year. WHAT A WORLD!

What did you notice from this weekend that should be mocked and laughed at?