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Jeremy Pruitt’s Greatest Moments from MTV’s Two-A-Days

You already know what one of them is, if you don’t, you should by now.

Before he was the head coach at Tennessee, Jeremy Pruitt was the defensive coordinator at Alabama.

Before he was the defensive coordinator at Alabama, Jeremy Pruitt was the defensive coordinator at Georgia.

Before that, he was at Florida State. Before that, there were several more years in Tuscaloosa, where he had moved just down the road after spending some time in MTV’s 9:30 pm CST slot right after Laguna Beach.

Lights, please. Cue the music.

High school football got to be a thing of national interest in the 2000s, and people realized that there was money and exposure to be made by producing a simple reality show out of one of the top high school programs in the country. Enter Hoover High, the juggernaut program led by catchphrase legend Rush Propst.



A dayum hoe-tayul.

Propst won multiple state championships and had guys shipping off to big D1 programs left and right. And now that you look back at this show, there’s one cast member that’s likely had the most meteoric of rises compared to the rest of his reality TV stars.

No, not the Hoover Swoop.

It’s current Vols head coach Jeremy Pruitt.

Let’s waste no time, and relive some of Pruitt’s greatest moments as a reality star on MTV’s Two-A-Days.

“Look at me!!”


“If you ain’t goin’ full speed, you ain’t worth a crap.”

“Hey! Are you that tired? I dunno either!”

“Throw your hands up again and we’ll see what happens, do you understand me?”

“What the hayl are you doin’??”

“That ain’t no good neither!”

“What did you call? What the was the call? Solid? SOLID. It’s a touchdown Vestavia, because you’re a dumbass.”

Here’s the infamous asparagus clip. I will give him some credit, though... the man knows how to fix up a baked potato.

“Check it to them over yonder!”

“That’s how you lose a scholarship, that’s called being unathletic! Suck it up, gotdangit!”

“Make the play, quit playin’ damn two-hand touch!”

As you can see, Jeremy Pruitt’s a fiery guy on the football field. This will be the first reality TV star that Auburn’s gotten the fortune to face on the gridiron, and hopefully not the last.

War Eagle.