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Staff Picks - College Football Week Seven

Enjoy your day without wondering what’s going to happen, we’re going to tell you ahead of time!

NCAA Football: Vanderbilt at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

What does the College and Magnolia staff think of the biggest games (SEC and not) of college football’s week seven? We’re past the midway point of the season, so we should have a better idea of how this is all supposed to go...

LSU vs Georgia (-7.5) (O/U 50.5)

“Neither of these teams has exactly impressed to start the season. Fromm hasn’t looked like he did last season (WHERE HAVE WE HEARD THAT BEFORE), and LSU’s defense presents a heck of a challenge. Not to mention it’s a battle of two teams who tend to score despite themselves. I’ll take the under and the points in a slog. Georgia 23, LSU 17.” - James Jones

“LSU is good. But I think Georgia is really good. LSU has a dynamic defense, but I really doubt their ability to score with UGA. I hope LSU wins, because I hate Georgia a lot. However, if they lose, they fall to two conference losses next to Auburn, which might be nice in the future when Auburn gets it together. UGA 23 LSU 18.” - Son of Crow

“LSU has to lose again sooner or later, but I’m not convinced it’s going to be this week. Baton Rogue is a tough place to play, and UGA hardly ever does it. As not great as I think LSU is, I’m going to have to go with Coach O and the boys to pull off the upset. Tahgahs 31-26.” - AU Chief

“This is the game I tabbed preseason as one of the best matchups on the SEC schedule. And it’s a shame that this will Georgia’s last scheduled trip to Baton Rouge until 2030 (FIX the Scheduling Yesterday SEC!!!). I haven’t been terribly impressed with Georgia so far this season. Yes, they are 6-0 but I don’t feel as if they have played a really good team yet. That changes this weekend. And while LSU is coming off a tough loss to Florida, I think ol Orgeron will have his Tigers ready to go this weekend and college football needs a shakeup in the worst possible way. That shakeup begins this weekend with LSU knocking off Georgia. LSU 27 Georgia 23.” - Will McLaughlin

“In Smart’s 1st 2 seasons as head coach he’s gone on the road & laid an absolute egg against an SEC West opponent. In 2016, it was Ole Miss. In 2017, it was Auburn. This year’s it’s LSU. That defense shuts down UGA’s offense & LSU lucks into enough points to escape. LSU 16 UGA 14.” - AU Nerd

“Welcome back to earth LSU. Solid effort in the swamp but Florida looks like they are getting as right as they can be this year. Georgia is who we thought they were and they will take this one by 10+. Georgia 35, LSU 24.” - Drew McCracken

“Now that I don’t have to worry about Auburn’s SECW chances, I can root against UGA in this one and not blink an eye. LSU has some real problems on offense, though, and the UGA defense, while not perfect, should be strong enough to hold back the Tigers. LSU is going to throw everything they’ve got at Georgia, but the Bulldogs offense has just enough playmakers (Holyfield, Ridley, Hardman, etc.) to get out of Baton Rouge with a win. 24-21 UGA.” - Ryan Sterritt

“LSU is going to start looking like the team that we thought they were, and even at home I think Georgia’s a little too talented for the Tigers. Give me UGA 20-13.” - Jack Condon

Oregon vs Washington (-3.5) (O/U 57.5)

“This is a tasty one. Oregon has shown some things on offense, but they haven’t played a defense as good as Washington’s. Washington has shown little to nothing on offense, but I’m not sure Oregon can really do much about it. There are 24 spots between the Huskies and Ducks on S&P+. I think that covers the 3.5. I suppose I’ll hit the under too. Washington 31, Oregon 24.” - James Jones

“Washington is good! I don’t think Oregon has much for them in this game, and I think Washington realizes losing to Auburn is going to look worse and worse as the season goes on. I really think the Huskies put one on Oregon in this game. Wash 42 OU 22.” - Son of Crow

“I’m going to be honest, I haven’t seen Washington since we played them. I know they had a scary moment in week 2 or 3. I’m honestly surprised they are only a 3.5 point favorite here. I don’t see any reason they should lose this, even if they are playing at Autzen. Huskies 31-27.” - AU Chief

“Washington has got to be sitting out in Seattle thinking how in the world did we lose to Auburn in Week 1? Since then, the Huskies have looked really impressive. This game’s in Eugene though so while I think it’ll be fairly close, I think Washington is the better team. Washington 31 Oregon 17.” - Will McLaughlin

“We did beat Washington right? Like that wasn’t a dream? AU plays Oregon next season which means they must be on the rise so gimme the Ducks 23 Huskies 20.” - AU Nerd

“Man do I feel bad for Washington and their fan base. You have 1 this Auburn team...GUH. Anyway, enough of that. Oregon is much better than I thought they’d be this year. Amazing what solid coaching can do, AMIRIGHT Florida State?? Huh?? That said, I don’t know how good they will be away from the nest and up in Seattle. Gimme the Dawgs in this one. Washington 28, Oregon 20.” - Drew McCracken

“Washington is going to go 12-1 and miss out on the playoff because they lost to a middling Auburn team. Sorry Huskies. Browning is going to have one of those games that makes everyone remember why he’s one of the best quarterbacks in the country (not elite, but top 10) when he throws for 380 yards against this bad Oregon defense. Washington wins this going away 41-27.” - Ryan Sterritt

“Like everyone else has said, how did we beat this team? Is the Pac 12 just not very strong? Dunno. Either way, Washington gets through this and they walk to a conference title. I think they’ll take it. Huskies 35-27.”

South Carolina vs Texas A&M (-2.5) (O/U 53)

“A&M’s offense has struggled in recent weeks, and I’m not sure a trip to Columbia is the best salve for it. South Carolina picked up a nice win over Mizzou with a backup QB despite dropping two punt snaps in the rain, so I’ll make them my home dog of the week. Total seems so right I’m only going a point under. South Carolina 28, A&M 24.” - James Jones

“I think SCAR is needing this game. This is similar to the game last week for Auburn in which SCAR will find out whether this season is good or horrible in one game. It’s horrible. Gimme the Aggs to win and cover. Aggy 32 SCAR 28.” - Son of Crow

“At this point, I’m not really convinced either of these teams is very good. In fact, I’m surprised this game isn’t a pick ‘em. For that reason I guess I’m going to have to go with Vegas, who seems to know something I don’t. Fake Army Bros 35-31.” - AU Chief

“Well, Texas A&M finally got a win over a decent team in Kentucky and now must travel to play their yearly SEC East opponent (Weird). Meanwhile in the Battle for Columbia, South Carolina fought through a ton of adversity of playing in a monsoon and overcoming a late lightning delay to nip Missouri on a late field goal. I don’t think there will be a ton of points in this one but I think the Aggies are a little better than South Cack-a-Lacky. Texas A&M 24 South Carolina 20.” - Will McLaughlin

“Aggies, per usual, ruined the fun last weekend beating UK. They travel to play SCAR who had one of the luckiest wins of the season (MIZZ had like a 97% post game win expectancy or something). Bentley back starting. This will be an ugly affair but the Aggies get it done. A&M 20 SCAR 7.” - AU Nerd

“I am still not sold on Carolina, A&M got a monster OT win over Kentucky. Yup. Texas A&M 35, Carolina 17.” - Drew McCracken

“I’m not sure how this is only a 2.5 point spread. Texas A&M is not too far off from being a top 15 team, but they haven’t gotten the credit because of their two early losses and the fact that they aren’t incredible at anything, they’re just pretty good at everything. Sakerlina is one of the worst teams in the SEC at stopping the run, and Trayveon Williams has a good shot at 1,500 yards this season (720 yards, 6 ypc in 6 games). TAMU wins this 38-17.” - Ryan Sterritt

“I saw some people talking about how they’d rather have Will Muschamp than Gus right now. This game further proves how wrong those people are. Jimbo gets a second big win in a row and the Aggies quietly move up in the polls. A&M 31-19.” - Jack Condon

Michigan (-7.5) vs Wisconsin (O/U 47.5)

“Michigan has more or less figured themselves out, especially at home. I’m still wary of a Wisconsin team that lost to that BYU team. I think Michigan lays it on em. Michigan 35, Wisconsin 17.” - James Jones

“Shrug emoji. Michigan 29 Wisky 25.” - Son of Crow

“I have a familial duty to pick Wisconsin. On the other hand as mentioned previously, I have an affinity for the natural enemy of the Suckeyes. Badgers 27-21.” - AU Chief

“I guess ESPN desperately wanted to go to Big 10 country for College Gameday (even though they were there two weeks ago) instead of Georgia-LSU (which makes SEC Network’s decision to televise SEC Nation from Auburn this weekend make even less sense). As for the game, I find it hard to trust Harbaugh in a big game and despite the game being in Ann Arbor, I’ll take Wisconsin. Wisconsin 31 Michigan 24.” - Will McLaughlin

“I said earlier this year that MICH would lose to ND then go on to win the Big 10. That was a dumb prediction but I am sticking with it. Wolverines take it 17-13.” - AU Nerd

“Now this one will be fun, big boy football! Shea Patterson and the Blues have started to look a bit better than when we first saw them, except for that game on the Northside of Chicago. Sconnie 24, Michigan 20.” - Drew McCracken

“Michigan is scary good on defense (#2, only behind Auburn) and with Shea Patterson at QB, they’ve finally got a capable offense to work with. Wisconsin’s sophomore RB Jonathon Taylor has been amazing against some bad defenses, with 850 yards already on the ground. Michigan *should* win this game. But give me the Badgers pulling off the upset in the Big House. Wisconsin, 30-28.” - Ryan Sterritt

“After the loss to ND, Michigan’s started to put it together a bit more... the offense is picking up and Don Brown will never really have a bad defense. At home, this will be B1G classic football all the way around, with Shea Patterson striking late for the win. Wolverines 27-23.” - Jack Condon

Penn State (-13.5) vs Michigan State (O/U 56.5)

“Michigan State is (A) not great and (B) on the road. Why is Vegas hooking me inside of two touchdowns. I’m wary, but I can’t pass it up. I still love you for 2013 Sparty, but PSU 34, Michigan State 14.” - James Jones

“I couldn’t be bothered. PSU yellow MSU $.” - Son of Crow

“Really Jack, another Big Ten match-up? I’ll let the degenerates decide this one. Nittany Lions 36-21.” - AU Chief

“The last time we saw Penn State was when the country was criticizing James Franklin for one of the worst play calls I’ve ever seen. Michigan State has not been good at all this year. This is a bounce back game for the Nittany Lions. Penn State 41 Michigan State 20.” - Will McLaughlin

“I can already tell my picks are pretty awful this week so let’s go all the way. Michigan State ain’t great but these are the exact type of games they seem to win every year. Sparty pulls the shocker 28-27.” - AU Nerd

“Poor Green....They just have not been able to get that offense out of the mud and they host the Nits in the Land Grant game. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist for this one. PSU 35, Green 10” - Drew McCracken

“I recommended we pick this game, and I’m not really sure why. Yes, Michigan State has a habit of bringing its opponents down to its level and making an ugly game out of it, but I think Penn State breaks loose in the second half and goes for a “style points” win. Because James Franklin will DEFINITELY do that given the chance. Penn State big, 45-21.” - Ryan Sterritt

“Like Ryan said, this is only here because he suggested we pick it. You can see Crow’s indignation above as well... Lions roll because Sparty’s just not very good. Penn State 38-6.” - Jack Condon