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Anthony Schwartz vs Tyreek Hill - For Real?

Are we going to get an actual footrace?

Alabama State v Auburn Photo by Michael Chang/Getty Images

So, in the loss to Tennessee, we got to see exactly how fast Anthony Schwartz is when he gets to show off in the open field. His 76-yard touchdown in the second quarter gave Auburn a 17-10 lead, and also contained a top running speed that would’ve been second in the NFL only to Tyreek Hill of Kansas City.

How about measuring the two guys on the field at the same time?

Anthony Schwartz certainly had the right idea.

And maybe he’ll get the chance to do it...

Now, who knows if this ever actually gets settled on the field, but wouldn’t that be fun? Schwartz is legitimately one of the fastest guys in the country, hitting a 10.15-second 100-meter dash earlier this year. That broke Jeff Demps’ Florida Relays record, and he came within 0.02 seconds of breaking the 60-meter record back in March as well.

Here’s to Schwartz getting himself a few more open-field opportunities this season. War Eagle!