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Staff Picks - College Football Week Eight

GIFs and a straight up PICK ‘EM to finish it off this week.

Clemson v Wake Forest Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

After this weekend, we’ll be two-thirds of the way through the college football season. It’s hard to believe, but many Auburn fans are feeling that maybe the end can’t come quickly enough. However, there’s still plenty of good football left to watch!

Enjoy James Jones’ use of GIFs to describe his thoughts on each game. Very Peggy of him.

Mississippi State @ LSU (-6.5) (O/U 44.5)

This will be fun and yes I am rooting for LSU, because Nick Fitzgerald had his fun against Auburn and that’s plenty. LSU 38, State 17.” - Drew McCracken

“Again this week, there’s no way I’m betting against Coach O. He’s on a tear and there’s not way that’s going to end at home versus Mississippi State. LSU 35-13.” - AU Chief

“LSU’s offense looks like Auburn’s offense was supposed to look this year and vice versa. This was clearly shown last Saturday in Baton Rouge as LSU called a nearly perfect offensive game against Georgia last week. They were aggressive (4-4 on 4th downs), and kept the foot on the gas pedal in a 20 point win over Georgia. Now, they get a rested Mississippi State team coming off their win over Auburn 2 weeks ago. No doubt the Bulldogs have gotten better in that time but right now, LSU looks like the only team in the SEC that could give Bama trouble. This is LSU’s last hurdle before going into the bye week to get ready for Alabama and with it being a night game in Tiger Stadium, I have to go LSU here. LSU 34, Mississippi State 23.” - Will McLaughlin

“I think LSU is really good. I think they get a lead in this game and park the bus and win. This one will be super ugly and will look like a 2002 SEC game. Man, if that kid misses the field goal vs Auburn this season would be a lot different for both teams, but alas, here we are. LSU 21-14.” - Son of Crow

“LSU 27, MSU 18.” - James Jones

“Did you know Joe Burrow ran for a 59 yard touchdown against Georgia? I bet Mississippi State won’t let Joe Burrow run for a 59 yard touchdown like Georgia did. This should be a pretty tough defensive battle, featuring the #13 (LSU) and #10 (MSU) defenses in the country per S&P+, neither of which gave up a 59 yard touchdown run against to Joe Burrow, unlike Georgia. Ultimately, I think State will play LSU tight, but the inability to hit plays in the passing game (or 59 yard touchdown runs, like Joe Burrow did against UGA) will sink the Bulldogs. 24-18 LSU, but Mississippi State won’t give up any 59 yard touchdown runs to Joe Burrow like Georgia did.” - Ryan Sterritt

“I thought LSU matched up well against UGA last week. This week, however, I’m not as sure. Yes, LSU’s defense should be able to shutdown MSST’s one-dimensional offensive attack. However, what got them against UF was that Gator pass rush. These Bulldogs (unlike the other more mangy type of last week) can do the same. But this is in Death Valley and I don’t trust Fitz enough to pick State outright. They cover but the dream season lives on for Ed O. LSU 20, MSST 16.” - AU Nerd

“I look forward to seeing what kind of offense Joe Moorhead will pull out for this game. How will he try to scheme against Dave Aranda? The power run offense worked against us, but LSU might not be so easy to trick with some of that on tape. Low-scoring game here that the Tigers control but never really pull away in. LSU 23, Mississippi State 13.” - Jack Condon

Oregon @ Washington State (-3) (O/U 66.5)

“Ahh, the bounce back to earth game. The Ducks beat the Huskies last week and now its back on the road and back to earth against the Pirate! Gimme the Ducks, Mario made me a believer. Oregon 38, Washington State 33.” - Drew McCracken

“This ought to be a fun game to watch. That is, if you still have a taste for football at this point in the season. Leach teams are fun to watch as a neutral. They play almost no defense, and most years don’t run the ball at all. Not something I’d want to see my own team do, but fun to watch nonetheless. Wazzu 45-31.” - AU Chief

“If you know me, you know how much crap I give College Gameday for many of their decisions regarding games they attend, but they finally made a good decision in selecting this game this week and allowing the Ol’ Crimson to fly on its home turf for the first time. As for the game, Oregon comes off a big OT win over Washington and might be the best team in the Pac-12 at this point. This is a huge game for the Cougs and you can’t help but like Mike Leach. Give me the pirate Leach at home! Wazzu 41, Oregon 35.” - Will McLaughlin

“The dread Pirate Leach is not known for coaching well when favored, but I think he gets it done. I love watching his teams play and always have. No defense, no mercy. Cougs 72, Oregon 50.” - Son of Crow

“Washington State 43, Oregon 38.” - James Jones

“The virtual opposite of the MSU/LSU game, this game should be drunk as hell (it’s in Pullman after all). The winner here is somehow surprisingly in the driver’s seat in the Pac-12 North, and I will almost certainly be watching this game. Go Cougs! 41-37 Wazzu in a game where Oregon looks infinitely better.” - Ryan Sterritt

“This one is fascinating. Gameday is headed to Pullman and their fans are PUMPED. Oregon won a wild one against Washington last week and without a boneheaded play against Stanford would be undefeated. My brain says Ducks, my heart says Cougs. You have my heart Mike. Cougs 41, Ducks 38.” - AU Nerd

“If we lose Gus, why don’t we just call Mario up and get him to leave Eugene? He’d be alright down here, I believe. Either way, Justin Herbert is fantastic, and Oregon’s got just enough defense to slow down the Cougs’ passing game. Even on the road and as underdogs (underducks?), I’m taking Oregon. Ducks 40, Cougs 30.” - Jack Condon

NC State @ Clemson (-16.5) (O/U 56.5)

“This is much sneakier than one would have thought at the beginning of the season. I am not sold on Sunshine yet, and I have good friends that are Mr. Wolfie fans so go (with the points and) THE PACK!” - Drew McCracken

“Is everyone hopping on the NC State bandwagon? If so, now is the time because I think this is their last (see: only) tough game. Both these teams have to be the least talked about undefeated teams ever, right? Anyway, playing at Clemson ain’t easy, but NCST made it tough a couple of years ago. I haven’t picked an upset this week, so lets go with the Wolfpack. NC State 28-24.” - AU Chief

“This looks to be the ACC Championship game as the two best schools in the ACC square off in an undefeated showdown in Death Valley. Both teams are coming off a bye before this one and the game is in Clemson. N.C. State hasn’t really been tested this year since their game with West Virginia was cancelled because of Hurricane Florence. This has been a fantastic game the last two years and Clemson has managed to escape both times. Both teams have won close games this year but Clemson’s been living on the edge a bit this year, especially against Syracuse. So this time, I’m going to take the Wolfpack in what will be one of the best games of the day. NC State 38, Clemson 35.” - Will McLaughlin

“I dunno anything about this game. But I really am still convinced Clemson is a great defensive team. I think the Wolfpack don’t have the horses to stop that D-line of Clemson. Tigers 35-22.” - Son of Crow

“Clemson 31, NC State 21.” - James Jones

“This has all of the makings of the game that has a first half where everything goes the Wolfpack’s way, but ultimately the road underdogs fall up short. NC State can’t run the ball to save their lives, but they’re ridonkulously efficient in the passing game. Meanwhile, the Clemson defense is all about throwing you around on the line of scrimmage with 4 NFL draft picks, but they can be beat down the field if the quarterback can find the open man (must be nice). NC State covers and snatches defeat out of the jaws of victory in this one. 28-27 Clemson.” - Ryan Sterritt

“Somehow NC State is undefeated. Clemson reminds me a lot of Miami from last year in that they keep winning but no one actually thinks they are top 3 good. Wolfpack typically plays them close. They also typically find a way to lose. Tigers keep escaping 26-23.” - AU Nerd

“This is the game that Clemson would lose in years past and we’d get to hear about Clemsoning. Not this time. I honestly had no idea that NC State was undefeated at this point, but they don’t have enough to make it out of Death Valley alive. Trevor Lawrence continues to show that Dabo made the right choice (Kelly Bryant come visit the Plains, please), and the Tigers roll. Clemson 41, NC State 17.” - Jack Condon

North Texas @ UAB (O/U 54.5) PICKEM OH YEAH

“Auburn’s next head coach improves to 6-1 on the year. UAB 27, North Texas 24.” - Drew McCracken

“I know everyone out there is a card carrying member of the Bill Clark Fan Club. Sure, it’s pretty cool what he’s done at UAB (is it really though?). Sure, everyone loves an underdog. Sure, there are going to be people that think he should get a bigger job soon. That ain’t me. North Texas 38-17.” - AU Chief

“What Bill Clark has done at UAB over the past two years is remarkable. Same thing for Seth Littrell at North Texas. I think both guys have an opportunity to take coaching jobs at bigger schools at the end of the season. Seeing this game is in Birmingham, I’ll take the Blazers. UAB 45, North Texas 41.” - Will McLaughlin

“I believe in the mean Green. The Eagles of I-35 travel to Birmingham and I think we see them play their best game since they beat Arkansas. I like that UNT coach a lot and think he could win “coach whose voice sounds like a character from King of the Hill” this year. A prestigious award indeed. UNT 35-31.” - Son of Crow

“UAB 29, North Texas 28.” - James Jones


“Both Seth Littrell and Bill Clark have done outstanding jobs at their respective programs. This could be a fun one. I will take the home team. Blazers 30, Mean Green 28.” - AU Nerd

“Auburn’s next head coach improves to 7-1 on the year. North Texas 31, UAB 28.” - Jack Condon