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Do You Want a College and Mag T-Shirt?

Or hoodie, long-sleeve tee, etc.?

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Look, here’s the deal. We like writing stuff here, and we hope that you like reading stuff here. We’re all dedicated to our certain corners of the Auburn Internet, but THIS IS OUR CORNER OF THE AUBURN INTERNET. Represent it well, and get yourself something that signifies your loyalty to Ryan Sterritt’s number obsession, AU Nerd’s never-ending chain of wisdom, Son of Crow’s disdain for the dang Creeders, and Drew McCracken’s Auburn baseball fanaticism.

What we’re saying is buy a t-shirt. Or long-sleeve tee. Or hoodie. Whatever you want.


Here’s the link.

No, it can’t always buy you class, but it can buy you a sweet t-shirt. Seriously. Buy it.

Do it.