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Boom! Roasted! - Week 8

Well wasn’t that different. Instead of drowning our sorrows after an early kick, we got to toast to our successes against a rull-bad Ole Miss defense. That, however, didn’t stop you from missing some of the most interesting things from this past Saturday. FEAR NOT dear reader, I have trapped all those moment and put them in a floating frame, Superman II style, and are ready to unpack them for you here in another edition of BOOM! ROASTED!


Let’s find out. Old Dominion traveled over to the Hilltop to take on Western Kentucky and WOOO BOY did they have themselves a football game. We join the action with just under 2 minutes to play and a 27-27 tie.

Ok, holy crap. Let’s begin to unpack that monster two minutes of action.

The first 2 segments are pretty easy, WKU scores to make it 34-27 with about a minute and a half to go. We then jump ahead to some bad defense and ODU scores with :20 seconds left and ties it again at 34. Here’s where it gets fun. WKU gets to about the 50 and decides, why not, lets kick the field goal. Well it falls far short with no time on the clock, but the Monarchs had 12 men on the field. That means 1 untimed down, so the Hilltoppers decide to kick it again but this time ODU puts a return man back (+1 to Chris Davis). Stop me if you’ve heard this but the kick falls short and the return man TAKES OFF! However, he is pushed out at about the 15 but if you notice, WKU pulled the facemask of the ODU return man which means…yes…half the distance to the goal and 1 untimed down. It’s academic from there as the Monarchs get the W.

Yeah, you thought a lot could happen in 1 second, how about the Monarchs going from maybe losing the game on a 12 men on the field call, to making a 25 yard field goal to win the game with NO TIME GOING OFF THE CLOCK!


I don’t know about you, but I love rivalries with nasty, mean contempt for the other side. Like the kind of rivalry that I can feel the heat of it coming through the TV and it keeps me warm during the cold winter months. As much as I love college baseball, there are only a few of those around the country (of course Auburn-Alabama, Cal State Fullerton-Long Beach State, and the normal football ones) so I have to get all I can during football and what little bit of basketball I watch. This week began the buffet of hate with Michigan and Michigan State. Michigan has been pretty steady since the Notre Dame game and looks like they have something with Shea Patterson doing his thing and a nasty defense that is pretty stingy. State, on the other hand, looks like an offense stuck in the mud and a defense that has been pretty stout, plus they come fresh off a win over Penn State in the Valley. So lets go to the field for pregame, where the Spartans link arms and walk across their home field.

Oh my, looks like Devin Bush doesn’t care much for your tradition, but I’m sure that was it and the teams went about their busin….


So, then we get about 10 minutes of action until….

And after an hour and fifteen minute delay we restarted and Michigan won the game 21-7, as was to be expected. Watch out for the Michigan Men and the Khaki Savior as they are on a roll and really won’t be challenged until they reach an Ohio State University…WHICH LEADS US TO!!


I don’t know if you were paying attention to the commercial breaks during the Auburn-Ole Miss game, but this one ran during the game…

I remember thinking to myself, “yeah, anything can happen on Saturday night, but not what you want me to think ESPN.” Well….

Which then led to….

Followed by….

Which leads us to a closer look….

In summation it was this (Purdue in the skirt)

We joke around a lot here but this was a cool story that tugged at the heart strings. Resident tear jerking story guy Tom Rinaldi has the story..

This would normally lead one to think, oh yeah, the team doesn’t even know who that poor kid is…

Good on you Purdue, not just on the win, but knowing how much the game can be a much-needed distraction. Keep fighting Tyler!