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How Would You Fix This Team, Pt. 2

Jack kinda took all the good ideas... But how else can we fix this team?

NCAA Football: Auburn at Mississippi Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week, Jack walked us through the ways in which we could fix this supremely talented yet critically flawed football team. He proposed things such as giving touches to the freshmen, playing to our strengths, and bringing back “Old Gus”. But how else can we improve this team? What would I do if I were body switched with Gus Malzahn, and forced to coach for my job the rest of the season?

Derrick Brown, Fullback

Let’s be clear... the biggest weakness on the Auburn offense is in the interior of the offensive line. The center and guards have struggled to generate a push on any defense except for Ole Miss and Alabama State (man Ole Miss has issues), and Chandler Cox can only pave the way so many times. Like great big men of the NFL have done before (B.J. Raji, Dontari Poe, even Terrence Cody at Alabama), I suggest we take Derrick Brown and let him block in obvious 3rd or 4th and shorts. His bull rush is unfair against opposing offensive lineman... I’d love to see him blow up a linebacker while Boobee waltz right end behind him.

Of course, this also sets up for a wonderful Derrick Brown FB Dive out of the sugar huddle to help him secure the Piesman this December.

More Springdale

I think we can all agree we love the Auburn offense best when it is balls to the wall crazy. Wheel routes? Easy. Jet sweeps? Please and thank you. Throwback passes? Beautiful. As stated above, it’s clear this team is going to struggle trying to run power and pass block for slow-developing downfield passes, so let’s play to the team’s strengths and go all 2009 on November’s ass. I want to see Schwartz getting 8 touches a game, I want to see Ryan Davis throw the ball, and I definitely want to see more Wildcat. Here’s the kicker, though. All three things I just suggested can be run out of the same formation. At this point, you probably have been beaten over the head with “Gus is too predictable” takes, and to a point, they’re right. If we could commit to running 4-5 different plays out of the wildcat as opposed to 1-2, I think we’d be able to gash some defense for some big plays.

The Thunder from Down Under

Look, you’ve got a guy who was playing in professional footie a year ago on your football team. Footie, not soccer.

Don’t you think we should be taking advantage of Arryn Siposs’s physicality? I’m not just suggesting we run some fun special teams fakes with him (although I certainly endorse that), I want to see him play some safety. We’ve had plenty of depth issues in the secondary, between injuries, transfers, and ejections, and despite the young guys playing well, there is still room for Siposs to get a few snaps there. Plus, he’s used to not using his head to tackle, so your wouldn’t have to worry about him getting flagged for targeting (probably).

Play More Teams Like Ole Miss

It’s simple. When you have struggles on offense, play a team who is even worse on defense. It does wonder for the psyche.

My point is, I don’t know how to fix this team. I can throw stuff I want to see against a wall, but ultimately, it’s all guess work for chumps like you and me. Now, let’s go crush BYE this week and get ready for our old buddy Jimbo!