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Which Auburn big guy should get to touch the ball on offense?

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Everyone’s doing it!

NCAA Football: UL Monroe at Auburn
Look at the agility from Derrick Brown.
Albert Cesare-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today, Dabo Swinney mixed things up on offense against Florida State. In a goal line situation, he put in defensive tackle Christian Wilkins at tailback (with other defensive tackle Dexter Lawrence at fullback) and got Wilkins a touchdown that put the Tigers up big over the Seminoles.

We’ve seen this over the years. Honestly, a good bit of it has come from the evil empire across the state with guys like Terrence Cody, but today’s exhibition made me wonder...

Which Auburn big ugly would be the best offensive weapon in a goal line situation?

Here are the options: Derrick Brown...

Marlon Davidson...

Dontavius Russell...

or Nick “Pickle” Coe...

Personally, I’d like to see more of what Tommy Tuberville used to do. He’d take big, mean defensive linemen and turn them into savvy offensive linemen. We could do the same thing with defensive tackles and have them moonlight every now and then on offense, just not on the front lines. Imagine a formation with Jarrett Stidham under center, where he turns and has Derrick Brown at H-back, Marlon Davidson at tailback, and then you could split Dontavius Russell and Nick Coe out wide just to mess up a cornerback or two.

What say you? Which big dude would you like to see get a chance to score on offense?