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Sunday Poll Roundup - Receiving Votes Yeah

Not showing off, not falling behind.

NCAA Football: Auburn at Mississippi Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports

One of the good things about an off week is that you absolutely cannot lose.

Make no mistake, yesterday would’ve been one of those weeks that Auburn would’ve been in danger of becoming a statistic. Ten ranked teams lost yesterday, with seven of those defeats coming to unranked opponents. Texas, Washington, Texas A&M, Oregon, Wisconsin, USF, and NC State all got dumped by those looking in from the outside, and some of those games were absolute laughers.

We’re looking at a true divide in the 1% and the 99% in college football at the moment, with the top tier teams being truly that much better than everyone else. The upper crust of the rankings didn’t change much, but everything below did.

Everyone will be looking forward to Saturday’s game in Baton Rouge with #1 Alabama and #4 LSU, but there are other SEC teams dotting the rankings as well. In the Coaches’ Poll, we’ve got:

  • #5 Georgia
  • #12 Kentucky
  • #13 Florida
  • #21 Mississippi State
  • Receiving Votes — Texas A&M (#26), Auburn (#38), South Carolina (#43)

Unfortunately, at this point, Auburn’s the third-highest ranked team in the state after Alabama and UAB (who’s receiving three more votes than the Tigers). In the AP Poll, Auburn’s receiving votes (#36) as well.

And with Bill Connelly’s S&P+ rankings, Auburn actually sits much closer to the top. The Tigers are #15 in those rankings, with future opponents Texas A&M at #26, Georgia at #5, Liberty at #112, and Alabama at #1.

We always knew that November was going to be a bear, but with the three SEC games remaining on the schedule, it’s going to be extremely tough. It all starts at 11 am CST Saturday with Texas A&M at home. Let’s hope that the Tigers take a better approach to a morning kickoff than the last time they hosted someone for brunch. War Eagle!