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BOOM! ROASTED!! - Bye Week Edition

An off week…Finally, a week where we can actually do things around the house, see family members we haven’t seen since before Labor Day, go to weddings in far off places cause the people are smart by waiting till the off week while still doing their wedding in the fall because its freaking nice outside. So for most, this was a weekend of enjoyable football and an awesome World Series (for me), while for others, it was a weekend of a couple of games here and there. So, in that spirit, I will start us off, but I want to hear from you guys. What did you see that shouldn’t go unseen by the masses from this weekend? (please include links to videos as visual aids for the class)


So far this season, Texas has been a pleasant surprise. First, the Horns drop a clunker to a Maryland team that was in disarray only to turn around an pop Oklahoma on the nose. Meanwhile, Okie State has been quietly solid except for a hiccup here and there. Well, the Pokes stormed out to an early lead only to watch Texas storm back late in the game but that was just the undercard...

*A dual cage lowers from the ceiling of the Greensboro Coliseum, War Games Style*


Cooler head would prevail but WOOOOO boy was that close to an out and out brawl! My money is on Gundy of course. You don’t have a backwoods waterfall mullet without earning it by knowing every use of a PBR can (so far Mike Gundy has achieved shiv, surgical scalpel, whittlin’ knife and box cutter. Currently he is working on apple skin peeler, which is by far, the highest belt class in PBR can hierarchy).


I was talking to my dad earlier this week and said, I think people are forgetting that Kentucky is a really good football team, I think they are going to beat Mizzou. So, let’s check in on how that one went…

NEVER HAD A DOUBT!! Wow, that was a hell of a game if you missed it, wait till the Network rebroadcast that and do yourself a favor. This sets up a huge game in Lexington this week as Big Bad Georgia comes in to presumably battle for the SEC East Title. Luckily, this is the CBS game so that will be fun after…oh yeah…we play…

So what did you see this weekend?? I made sure to leave some HUGE options for you (looking at you TCU and A&M, what on God’s Green Earth were you guys doing?!) Leave your findings in the comment section!