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5-Star Wide Receiver Jadon Haselwood Reopens Recruitment

Could Auburn steal another 5* out of GA?

Some pretty huge recruiting news dropped last night. 5* WR Jadon Haselwood announced via his Twitter that he was decommitting from the Georgia Bulldogs.

Haselwood committed to the Dawgs over Auburn and Ohio State last March and has been one of their most vocal supporters on social media for awhile. He infamously posted a video of himself running shirtless after Georgia’s wild win over Oklahoma in the Rose Bowl.

But there started to be questions this summer over just how solid the nation’s #1 wideout was to the Dawgs. While UGA people reiterated time and time again he was all Dawg, he showed up to Auburn, AL and Coral Gables, FL an AWFUL lot over the past 6 months. It should be no surprise then that those two schools are considered the favorites at this time though you absolutely cannot count out UGA. The Oklahoma Sooners are probably the other team to keep an eye on as well as his dad attended there and he’s already used an official visit to Norman earlier this spring.

Right now, the Hurricanes appear to be the new leader though the Tigers are more than likely a close 2nd. He will take an official visit this weekend to Miami and there is some buzz they could seal the deal. I doubt it happens though as I believe Haselwood wants to take all his official visits as an uncommitted prospect before making his final decision.

So how does Auburn pull this thing off? First, it’s important to know that Haselwood and his family are VERY close with Auburn WR’s coach Kodi Burns. Second, he spent all summer playing 7 on 7 ball with Auburn commits 4* QB Bo Nix and 4* WR George Pickens. That 7 on 7 team also happened to be coached by Cam Newton. Bottom line, Auburn has the relationships here to win this battle.

But finally, Auburn REALLY needs to start showing something offensively if they wanna sign this elite talent. All summer, Haselwood hinted that he wanted to see UGA open the offense up a bit more so he could feel confident about having a chance to make plays when he got there. That really hasn’t happened as of yet since the Dawgs have been able to overwhelm opponents on the ground. Now, neither Auburn nor Miami are necessarily lighting things up right now through the air either so maybe that won’t end up playing a huge role. Still, now would be a good time for this offense to get back on track.

At Big Cat Weekend earlier this year, Owen Pappoe made the bold claim that Jadon Haselwood would sign with the Tigers. At the time, it sounded like wishful boasting. Now? It sounds like he might have known what he was talking about. Expect to see Haselwood on campus in the very near future. Auburn has gone hard after the young man all year and now that the door has been reopened they have a huge chance to take advantage. This would be a HUGE coup for the coaching staff and an elite weapon to add to an offense in desperate need of some explosiveness. This will obviously be one of the top recruitments to track this fall.

War Eagle!