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NEW EPISODE ALERT: Orange and True Podcast Presented by Champ’s Chicken

Son of Crow, I don’t feel so good.

This podcast comes a couple days later than normal because of the dreaded technical difficulties. Enjoy our 22nd episode spanning two nights, but continuing the fun as Crow, Chief, and Ryan dissect Texas A&M, look back to Ole Miss, and look ahead to Bruce Pearl’s hugely hopeful Auburn basketball squad!

It’s the ORANGE AND TRUE PODCAST PRESENTED BY CHAMP’S CHICKEN! Champ’s Chicken has too many great specials for you to even fathom. There’s the Chick Six combo, where you can get a Hulk-sized meal for just ten bucks, and don’t forget the Tailgate Combo, where you can get any number of tenders to satisfy the hunger of any number of tailgate attendees.

Now, enjoy the 22nd episode of Orange and True, it’s a special Halloween edition (but not by choice) so stuff with candy as you listen.

War Eagle!