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Staff Predictions - College Football WEEK SIX

NCAA Football: Stanford at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Every week is a big week in college football, so see how the winds are blowing for week six!

Texas vs Oklahoma (-7.5) (O/U 59)

“Texas has somehow come alive after starting off about as bad as you could imagine. Oklahoma gets the win but I will be interested to see how much of a Fight, Texas Fight puts up against a defense that is suspect to say the least. Oklahoma 48, Texas 34.” - Drew McCracken

“The Red River Rivalry! I remember there was a time where it seemed like Texas was just never going to win this thing again. Ol’ Big Game Bob Stoops had the Longhorns’ number. No matter how good, those Burnt Orange Cows just couldn’t seem to catch a break. I heard Texas is back this season. I have’t seen them play. I have seen a bit of Oklahoma, and they sure do look pretty good. Big 12 good, of course, where every WR is open by 60 yards and every running back seems to meet no resistance at the line of scrimmage, but good nonetheless. I’m gonna go with the Jokelahoma on this on. UO 48-21.” - AU Chief

“The only time Texas seems to win this game is when they have zero business doing so. This season, a Texas win wouldn’t be that out of character, so I lean towards the Sooners. Then again, this is exactly the game that Herman seems to always win. I’ll split the difference and say they cover. Oklahoma 31, Texas 26.” - James Jones

“We’ve been wondering for sometimes is Texas back? We’re definitely going to find out this weekend if that is the case. One of the great scenes in college football takes place in Dallas this weekend (and I LOVE the fact they continue to play this game in the Cotton Bowl Stadium). Ultimately, I have more faith in Oklahoma’s offense and think they’ll pull away late. Oklahoma 48, Texas 30.” - Will McLaughlin

“This is an interesting matchup to me. Texas has an elite defense (10th according to S&P+) with a bad offense. Oklahoma has the #1 offense in the country (according to S&P+) and a terrible defense. To me this game will really come down to which weakness wins out. Hard to pick against the Sooners in Big 12 play. I’m going OK 34 TEX 28 in an entertaining game.” - AU Nerd

“You that thing where Auburn only does well in a season if they are not projected to do anything? Texas under Tom Herman is that, but on a single game scale. Nobody covers or wins as an underdog as well as his teams. But, OU has possibly the best QB in football right now (him or Tua). Herman covers but it’s not enough. OU 37-30.” - Ryan Sterritt

“The state fair of Texas. Big Tex. Funnel cakes and corn dogs. A 50/50 split stadium. My home state knows how to show off, and no one can deny that. I think Texas is due to be back. Give em hell give em hell, go horns go. UT 38, OU 37.” - Son of Crow

“I don’t know how well Texas can score, but I do know that their defense is pretty solid. Oklahoma’s got Kyler Murray and some great offensive weapons (they’re very efficient as well), and so I’ll give them the edge in a strength on strength affair. Sooners 31, Texas 26.” - Jack Condon

LSU (-3) @ Florida (O/U 45.5)

“This might be the most intriguing match up of the weekend. Who is Florida? Are the the team that got dominated by Kentucky (not a bad thing this year) or are they the team that went all Jake the Snake Roberts on Moo State last weekend? Who is LSU? Are they the team that barely got a first down in the second half vs SE Louisiana or are they the team that was the Ultimate Opportunist (Edge to continue the wrestling theme) and snuck into Auburn for the win? I think LSU gets the win here but it will be one of the most Swampy Bowls that has ever Swamped. I know I am excited for it. LSU 18, Florida 15.” - Drew McCraken

“LSU should win this one. I don’t think Florida is that good. I also think LSU might be the next most overrated team in the country. It’s in the Swamp though, so you never know. You know what, Florida is gonna win this thing. Somehow, someway. and I’m going to say it’s going to be on a FG by SEC Freshman of the Week Evan McPherson. UF 16-15.” - AU Chief

“I refuse to bet against Ed O and his Tigahs anymore. I’m sure they’ll win while getting out-gained by 100 yards somehow. LSU 23, Florida 17.” - James Jones

“Does LSU look ahead to Georgia next week? Probably not because this is a rivalry game as well. Florida looks to build off of last week’s emotional win at Mississippi State. They also look for revenge after falling by a point in this matchup last year. I think LSU finds a way to win because that’s what they’ve done so far this year in a fairly low scoring contest. LSU 20, Florida 17.” - Will McLaughlin

“Huge win for Dan Mullen’s crew last weekend but now they have to get refocused on an LSU team that has fully adopted the “us vs the world” motto. Burrow had his best game this past weekend though it came against a woeful Ole Miss defense. If UF wasn’t coming off the high of Mullen’s return to Starkville I might pick them but LSU keeps proving everyone wrong so I say they once again win & no one is still convinced they really are a top 5 team. LSU 20, UF 16.” - AU Nerd

“Ooooohhhhh what stupid shit is happening here? Dan Mullen beat the snot out of Coach O’s LSU team last year, but this Florida team isn’t quite there talent wise. Somehow, though, Florida is going to look like the better team in this one, and still lose due to Joe Burrow going 14-33 with 2 TDs and no picks. LSU 20-10.” - Ryan Sterritt

“I think LSU might be really good and no one wants to admit it because we don’t want to live in coach O’s world. This is the week the yellow tigers prove it. Coach Eaux 21 Gata 14.” - Son of Crow

“These games have recently been good low-scoring slobberknockers. More of the same in this one. Messy game defined by defense, but LSU comes out on top. Tigers 19, Gators 14.” - Jack Condon

Kentucky @ Texas A&M (-6) (O/U 51.5)

“This is kind of a slight to Kentucky to be a 6 point dog. I believe A&M is better but I would go with 4 points. That said, this is probably the game of the week in the conference. Is Kentucky for real? I think they are but this is just too tall a task for a very good ball club. A loss doesn’t kill their dreams of making Atlanta but it makes them have to be perfect from here on. A&M 28, Kentucky 24.” - Drew McCracken

“The Bear Bryant’s Other Teams Bowl! I decided last week I was going all in on the Wildcats this year. So what if this is in College Station? It’s really not as intimidating as everyone says*. This is just another notch in the belt of Kentucky’s march to Atlanta! UK 28-17

*I haven’t been since the major facilities upgrade.” - AU Chief

“Ain’t no way I’m picking against the Cats until they give me a reason. If you swapped the jerseys, Kentucky’s roster would be the 6-point favorite. As for A&M, say what you want about Auburn’s lackluster performance against Arkansas, at least they covered. Kentucky 27, A&M 24.” - James Jones

“I got on the Kentucky train quicker than most and they face a huge challenge this weekend going on the road to College Station. I would love nothing more than to see Kentucky go into the Georgia game undefeated. This is probably their toughest test before that game. Last week, I said I was on the Kentucky train at least another week. While I really hope that this Kentucky run continues, I’m afraid this is the week they will take their first loss. A&M didn’t look great against Arkansas last week but Jimbo has to win a big game at some point, right? Texas A&M 31, Kentucky 28.” - Will McLaughlin

“This game to me is fascinating. As excited as Aggie fans were after that hard fought loss to Clemson things have started going downhill a bit since then. They hung for a bit with Bama before getting beat down & then struggled with Arkansas. No team in the SEC (well no team besides Bama) is more confident right now than this Kentucky team. While this offense has captured everyone’s attention due to Benny Snell being awesome, it’s the defense that’s carried them (ranked #3 by S&P+). Defense travels & I think the Kats do it again. UK 21, A&M 10.” - AU Nerd

“I AM A DOUBTER NO MORE. Kentucky is gonna win the football game. They’re dang backup running back is going for 7.1 ypc on nearly 50 attempts. That’s bonkers. Texas A&M, despite all of the ways this team is different, is still on pace for that magical 8-5 “yeah we were okay” kind of season they’ve grown accustomed to. Kentucky 38-24.” - Ryan Sterritt

“How crazy would it be if Kentucky was for real for real? Like what if Kentucky just throttled the Aggies and everyone was left questioning everything and the order of the universe itself was shaken? UK 42, Aggies 21.” - Son of Crow

“Like others, until Kentucky shows me that they’re the Kentucky of old, I’m not going to go against them. They’re a good team. A&M put a lot into that Clemson game, but that could’ve been a function of Jimbo knowing Dabo’s roster much better than Dabo knew Texas A&M’s. I think Kentucky keeps going behind Benny Snell again. Wildcats 28, Aggies 17.” - Jack Condon

Notre Dame (-5) @ Virginia Tech (O/U 55.5)

“I got news for ya, Ian Book makes Notre Dame dangerous. The guy is a freaking magician, able to get out of pressure situations and feel the rush from the blindside like he is a seasoned veteran. Virginia Tech had a nice bounce back win over Coach Cutt and the Devils after an abysmal showing at Old Dominion. This is a toss-up for me, but gimme the Turkies with ENTER SANDMAN playing the background VA Tech 38, ND 35.” - Drew McCracken

“Ah, who cares? Give me Tech with the upset. VT 28-21.” - AU Chief

“Notre Dame is pretty good. They know what they’re about, and they are starting to figure some things out on the offensive side. I think VT is getting a few too many points for Lane Stadium Magic. I’ll take the Irish and the under, Notre Dame 31, VT 19.” - James Jones

“Lane Stadium will be ROCKING for this one. Of all the stadiums I have not been to, Lane Stadium (at NIGHT) is at the top of my list. The Irish continue to roll along after beating Stanford handily last week. The Hokies are back in the Top 25 after “upsetting” Duke. (Yes those words were mentioned last week and got a big laugh). Right now, Notre Dame looks to be firing on all cylinders and facing a team that gave up 49 (49!!) to Old Dominion a few weeks ago doesn’t seem like the team that’s going to slow them down too much. Notre Dame 44, Virginia Tech 27.” - Will McLaughlin

“I think ND has finally found their QB & this team looks tough to beat. VT makes no sense this year so wouldn’t be shocking if they pulled this off but I’m going Fighting Irish. ND 31, VT 24.” - AU Nerd

“Notre Dame is somehow going to be the not chalk team to make the playoff this year. They’re good, and actually somewhat fun on offense? Tech isn’t a bad team, but they just don’t have the depth on defense to stand up to Ian Book. Plus, that Notre Dame defense has been a top 10 defense all year. Golden Domers win 27-10.” - Ryan Sterritt

“I think what makes a good sandwich is a mix of textures. You have to have something wet, something dry, something warm, and something cold. What I like to do is make sure the bread is hot and toasty. Then you’ve got to get some good mustard. If you’re going cheap on mustard you need to re-prioritize. Good German mustard, pickles and if you’re making your own pickled red onions throw them on. Then you need two different meats. Make them warm too so you get a slight melt to your Gouda. Tomatoes are only allowed if you’re separating them from the bread in some way, but that’s basic architecture. I like cutting my sandwiches in half to make holding them easier.” - Son of Crow

“It’s not so much the offense with Ian Book that’s been good for Notre Dame, it’s that the defense is up to scratch as well. They’re a really good team, and this is the last real big test for them this season. If they win (and they will), we’re already looking at two Power Five conferences getting left out of the Playoff. Imagine if the SEC got another two teams in along with the Irish. Hello, expansion. Irish 38, Hokies 20.” - Jack Condon


“Oh man. On some level I’m just happy this team made it to this point. These guys are a year ahead of schedule. This post-season is about getting those reps. The Dodgers were one of the best teams in baseball throughout the season both in the win column and on the stat sheet. They were one of the best teams down the stretch. And yet I’m allowing myself to believe that this Braves team is going to find a way. I have no idea how. The head pick is Dodgers in 4, but my heart won’t let me make that my final say. I think Folty carries them through tonight, Gausman rides the home crowd in game 3, and the best road team in the National League comes through against a late to arrive, early to leave Dodger crowd. Braves in 5.” - James Jones

“The Braves are finally back in the playoffs after an unheard of 4 year absence. My inclination is to be very pessimistic when it comes to Braves baseball, but screw it, Braves in 4.” - AU Chief

“Just excited actually have someone to cheer for in postseason baseball but not high on ATL’s chances. I am sure they will find a new and unique way to break hearts. I’m going with bullpen meltdown in Game 5. Dodgers in 5.” - AU Nerd

“Choptober is Back Baby!!! While my head says the Dodgers win this series in 4 games: I say SCREW THAT: Let’s Have Some Fun With This!!!

I’ve been a Braves fan since 1996 and this has been one of my favorite seasons of Braves baseball. Ronald Acuña Jr. has brought an energy to this team that I’ve never seen before and it’s infectious throughout the team and fanbase.

I hate the Dodgers. They are the Yankees of the National League and are the heavy favorites to return to the World Series in most people’s eyes. The Braves are a bunch of kids with a few veterans mixed in that nobody expected to be here and yet here we are. This team has been doubted all season long and when you think they’re done, they go on an incredible run that takes everyone by surprise. For example, the team got swept at home by the Red Sox in early September and they looked to be on the ropes heading on a week long west coast trip to Arizona and San Francisco. What happened instead? They just went 6-1 on that trip to take control of the East for good. I don’t think the Braves care what others think of them. They embrace the underdog role and in my opinion, they don’t really have anything to lose here. Whoever wins tonight wins the series and the Dodgers have elected to start Ryu over Kershaw in Game 1. Braves can’t afford to lose tonight and then face Kershaw with the prospect of coming home down 0-2. So screw it: Braves in 4!!! Chop On!!!” - Will McLaughlin



After being eliminated from the Carabao Cup on Tuesday, the only top-flight domestic trophy Everton haven’t won, the Toffees really need a win this weekend. The Marco Silva era has started off much more slowly that everyone had hoped. If Everton were to lose away to the Foxes, things would start to look very grim. That being said, if Everton were to go out and play as they did against Arsenal two weeks ago, win they will. Come on you Blues! Leicester 1-2 Everton.” - AU Chief