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Saturday Playlist - Cowbell Edition

Set the scene with these tunes on your way to Starkville today.

You ready for a road trip? The first real road trip of the season that’s not a neutral site meeting point? Well, we get a dandy today, everyone.

Mmm. Starkville, Mississippi. Normally, I’d say it’s time to load up that ‘90s Summer Hits playlist and go to town as you hit the road across the western border of Alabama. In this case, however, we’ve got a playlist tailored to the situation.

If You’re Going Through Hell - Rodney Atkins

What’s the road from Auburn to Starkville look like? Well, you’re probably going to have to take 280 up to Birmingham and head through Tuscaloosa.

Thankfully, Rodney Atkins has some key words of advice for you. If you’re goin’ through hell, keep on going. It’s not difficult. Just gas up in the ‘Ham and pick up snacks way in advance.

Leaving Alabama - Reg Meuross

Pretty simple. Shortly after leaving Tuscaloosa, you’re hitting the state line and crossing into a state that’s Alabama, but flipped around so that it faces the other direction.

Chameleon - Del Rendon and the Rum Drunks

Once we get to the actual game, we’re going to be seeing a good bit of chameleon-like behavior. Either from Auburn’s offense or Mississippi State’s offense (both solid attacks pretending to be bad offenses). Starkvillian musician Del Rendon had a song about that sort of thing.

Ring My Bell - Anita Ward

Look, you’re going to hear the cowbells. It’s best to do it on your own terms. Anita Ward has the perfect track for that.

And while we’re on that path...

Don’t Fear the Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult

We’re just trying to make it right. Shug got the cowbells banned for 36 years. One man wielding that sort of power is impressive, but we’ll take the blame. There’s only one guy outside of Starkville that’s ever truly requested more cowbell... we’re really just making fun of the tradition.

Now, when we win and you’re celebrating in Starkville tomorrow night, and things get a little too wild, don’t do too much partying. If you do, you might end up like our friend Johnny Cash.

Starkville City Jail - Johnny Cash

I’ve got bail for whoever gets into trouble tomorrow night. We won’t leave any of you behind.

War Eagle. Enjoy the trip!