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Boom! Roasted! - Red River Edition


Who needs to feel better about their life choices? Yeah, so do I. So, let’s dive into the scoreboard a little bit and find some other fanbases on the Misery Canoe with us this week.


So, Oklahoma was heading in to the annual matchup in Dallas and was expected to have pretty smooth sailing against a hapless Texas team who opened with a loss to Maryland but has started to put things together…but not as together as Oklahoma….then this happened…

WOH! Maybe Texas is back….there’s no way OU can catch a physical Texas team….then this happened…

AWWWW YEAH SON!!! WE GOT OVERTIME IN DALLAS!!! Cause, ya know, there’s no way Texas could drive down the field and get a field goal at the buzzer from their Freshman kicker….then this happened….

Never has their been a quicker exiting of fanbases than the last 5 minutes of this game. One series OU fans were dumbfounded at how this could happen. Then it was Texas fans enraged at how Golden Boy Tom Herman could let a multiple possession lead evaporate in the 4th quarter to finally OU fans being saaaaad. Then, just to top it off, OU fired their DC, Mike Stoops Sunday evening. For all of us non-OU fans, this is terrible news as Mike Stoops couldn’t teach Cub Scouts how to start a camp fire without burning down the forest (+1 to the caller on a College Football show I listen to).


WOOO BOY! Nothing like so good old hate like the FSU-Miami game. Middle of the afternoon kick and right in the center stage on Network Television….well, once Michigan was finished with Maryland that is. That’s right, ABC and ESPN decided that a Michigan thumping of Maryland was more important that the FSU-Miami start….ouch. Well, Miami thought they were holding the kick till they got on ABC because the Noles jumped out to a 27-7 lead and looked like they would coast to another ‘what the’ W for Willie Taggert. Well, the Energy Vampire Mark Rhict had other ideas

That’s a rough way to go down for the Noles who fall to 3-3 on the year and following an off week will face Wake Forest followed by 3 ranked teams, 2 on the road in NC State and Notre Dame while they host Clemson…oooouch.


If you missed the Mizzou South Carolina game, DVR that thing right now!

This game had it all, a good sized lead for the road team, the home team storms back, then an actual biblical style flood occurs and after the rain stops, A LIGHTNING DELAY!! Oh and a last second field goal to give Carolina the W! What a game, now lets hope the boats got Mizzou back to CoMo safely.

That’s what I offer to you dear reader to make you feel a touch better, what did you see that deserves a spotlight on the shame stage? Feel free to let us know in the comments.

Until next week….At least you guys scored 31 on Alabama….

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