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Auburn vs Georgia - Moments

Get pumped up for tonight’s game with this rundown.

NCAA Football: Georgia at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s get ready for Auburn and Georgia the best way we know how.


Here are Auburn’s “dirty” plays against Georgia in 2010. The madness is a beautiful thing.

Before last year’s Georgia game, the 2004 edition was one of the most complete wins I’d seen Auburn have over a top team. This one was Tubervillian in nature, though, and we didn’t put up the 50 we could have.

And it used to be that Georgia never beat Auburn in Athens. 1999 was a prime example of a team of high-fivin’ Bulldogs that couldn’t hand. Give me Seth Williams as Ronney Daniels tonight.

And another win in Athens below. Dig the fantastic ESPN music right at the start, with Ron Franklin narrating. God, what a time that was.

Then two years before that, it was Fred Beasley in Athens providing the backdrop for the best worst commercial of all time.

Here’s another one. The 1990s were great.

Athens has been a place of joy going back to the 1970s!

But we love ripping their hearts out at home.

Let’s rip them out again tonight. Man, it would be sweet. War Eagle!