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Snap Judgments - Georgia 27, Auburn 10

Lots to ponder after this one.

NCAA Football: Auburn at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Last night was unpleasant, it wasn’t over quickly, and it was a different chapter in the same story that we’ve seen not just this season, but many times over the Gus Malzahn tenure.

Georgia rumbled for over 300 yards on the ground in a 27-10 win over Auburn that, quite honestly, wasn’t really out of hand until that final long D’Andre Swift touchdown. It’s maddening that the Tigers were in good positions to hold onto the lead or at least continue drives but simple mistakes squandered all of that. The players, the coaches, everyone was to blame at one time or another for this one.

It also doesn’t help that Georgia’s five-star playmakers outshone our defensive skill positions all night long. Here are the quick takes from this one:


- Drew McCracken

“Look what Gus had done to this fanbase.” - AU Nerd

- Son of Crow

(there was another GIF that Crow wanted me to include, but I couldn’t find it)

“Basketball looked good, they looked really, really good this week. That’s much more exciting than anything going on in football right now.” - Will McLaughlin

“I didn’t think that we’d go in and beat Georgia, but it’s frustrating to get down to the goal line and screw up on three straight plays. It’s also frustrating that Stidham chose not to see Ryan Davis on multiple drag routes, when that’s what got Auburn in position to win the game last week. Little mistakes added up — the missed throw to Boobee on third down that’s an easy first down, the targeting on Big Kat, and basically every time a Georgia back stepped through a tackle at the line of scrimmage. Holyfield and Swift are very good backs, but we seemingly had them bottled up more often than not before they slipped out for a big gain. Once again, Auburn barely tested further than 10-15 yards down the field, while Georgia sent receivers deep all night and it created space underneath for a bunch of outlet passes to the backs. I’m very disappointed in the defense, because even when they were stopping Georgia at the goal line, they were allowing the Dawgs to drive 70+ yards on every possession anyway. Don’t know what’s wrong there, but it’s not a new thing from this weekend.

Liberty’s not the lay-down-and-die type of team either, so we can’t afford to completely overlook the Flames next weekend. I have a feeling that Thanksgiving is only going to be saved by Bruce Pearl’s guys, and not Gus’ dudes.” - Jack Condon

It also may be nothing, but this little shot of Gus on the sideline didn’t do anything to help anyone’s confidence when it blew up on Twitter last night...

Gus seemed a little more despondent after this loss than the others, as well.

And then there’s still this note...

Meanwhile, Georgia continues to Georgia.

The win over Texas A&M may have been a band-aid, and I know that Allen Greene said that Gus is returning next season, but last night’s loss had a different feel to it. We’ll see what happens.