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Boom! Roasted! - Fight Club Edition

No excuses but I am a bit late. I had a sleep study done for not breathing while I sleep, apparently I am holding my breath waiting for Auburn to score an offensive touchdown in the 2nd half of a game in Athens, something that hasn’t been done since the year I graduated from our favorite school (07). Any who, I didn’t have time to get everything together for the article yesterday so here we are. That said, there was a toooon of fantastic material from Saturday so let’s dive right in shall we?


Not much was expected from the Clones and the Bears. Iowa State is a pretty good ball club and Baylor is improving but a not a ready for prime time player just yet. That, however, didn’t stop this one from getting chippy early and often..

Which directly led to…

AND IT WAS ON!!! Man that got me fired up!

I always like a good tussle at a football game as you have kinda seen in my previous weeks, but to quote Good Ol’ JR, ‘NOT LIKE THIS!!!!’. Although, good form on the Baylor player for punching around the ref to hit the Iowa State player. Nicely done! Iowa State would get the win after all the penalties and players were sent to the cold showers and of course, this conversation was had.

And much laughter ensued.

(obligatory) IT WAS BEDLAHM!!

Sorry, it’s just way too easy.

So if you are starved for offense like I am, let me introduce you to the Big 12, where shirts, shoes and defenses are optional. UO (as our own Chief pointed out to me that it is the University of Oklahoma…not OU) took on rival Oklahoma State this weekend and it did not disappoint.

And if you just want to get to the end….

Call me a conservative guy but I want to elongate any game with this Oklahoma defense. I feel good enough that my defense will hold one more time than that one. The Oklahoma waterfall mullet said we will live or die on this hill right now and for that he should be celebrated…and second guessed.


So if you missed this game early Saturday, so did a lot of Florida fans…

Goodness that is a lack luster Sunday Sunrise Service crowd in the swamp! What? Did you ACTUALLY think you would beat Georgia?? Anyway, it was cool because the Florida football team didn’t show up either, letting the Gamecocks race out to a 31-14 lead, but plays like this began to hamper the Gamecock cause…

Um……what….I will chalk this up to a player losing his balance but, it sure looks like he almost pushed his team mate out of the way and allowed a Florida player to recover the ball…wow.

Oh well, no matter, I mean, Carolina has a huge lead with only a few minutes left in game so I’m sure a possession won’t hurt….right…

Florida would get the go ahead TD and this would seal the victory for the Gators

I mean, wow Carolina…You had Florida dead to rights with 16 minutes to play AND FLORIDA STILL HAD TO BURN 3 MINUTES ON THE CLOCK FOR THE WIN! That’s an impressive collapse if the entire South Carolina team left the field and didn’t play another down, but no!! They sent out 11 players for each play and tried to do that! AFTER DOMINIATING FOR MOST OF THE BALL GAME! I’m not saying they get the Grape Job sticker but I will give them this one

Cause that is a roll of some sort, and I bet that bad boy smells delicious.

What did you notice from this weekend that needs ridicule that I failed to bring up because of lack of good sleep?

Until next week good reader…don’t be Arkansas.