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Staff Picks - Auburn vs Liberty

Final home game of the year.

NCAA Football: Auburn at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Auburn meets its former flirtatious temptress in Turner Gill and the Liberty Flames tomorrow in the final home game of the season. Many folks are quite apathetic about the Tigers at this point during the season, especially because we believe that there’s an impending blowout next weekend, and because there’s so much more excitement across the street at Auburn Arena. Still, we can get to seven wins tomorrow. Will we?

Auburn (-28.5) vs Liberty (O/U 62)

“If the Auburn offense doesn’t play well this week, then I can’t wait to hear how people will feel about Gus next week. Liberty’s defense is simply put... not good. There’s zero excuse for them to not have a good day. It would also be imperative for the defense to bounce back after a difficult stretch of games. Last home game of the year and while I think Auburn will win, it won’t be as easy as it should be. Auburn 31, Liberty 10.” - Will McLaughlin

“We’re still watching football? I thought as a basketball school we’ve moved on by now.... Saturday will feature the nation’s 122nd rush defense (Liberty) vs the nation’s 90th rush offense (Auburn) according to S&P+. So you can bet your bottom this is gonna be a high quality football game! Auburn will win this game but they will do it in a very frustrating way. Tigers won’t pull away until late 3rd quarter meaning reserves get very few useful snaps late. Auburn wins but we’re all mad about it. Tigers 49, Liberty 17.” - AU Nerd

“I’ll tell you who is going to win this weekend: our tailgate. James Jones has like 3 pounds of Cocnecuh and I plan to eat a substantial portion of it. It’s been a trying year, but it’s been great to spend Saturdays with my friends anyway. War Eagle y’all. Auburn 55-10.” - AU Chief

“Give me Auburn or give me death. I’m sick of so much of Liberty university that I see on TV and so I’d like to crush them into a powder. Sticking to sports, their AD oversaw an athletic department cover-up of sex crimes. So yes, I want to win. Auburn 60, Liberty 2.” - Son of Crow

“This will be somewhat close early but Auburn stretches its legs to a jobber team. I will say, however, if Auburn produces a Tennessee style effort, settle in with a bottle of Tums. This team took down a good Troy team. I think Auburn gets the easy win, but after giving Georgia a good effort for 2.5 quarters, I am interested to see what this version of Auburn has left. Auburn 42, LIIIIIBerty 10.” - Drew McCracken

“I hate that this is our last home game of the year, but it feels somewhat fitting for what the season was. Even bad Auburn is light years ahead of this team. The Liberty defense is particularly bad, and their QB is a pick-throwing statue. Hopefully the seniors show out in this one. Auburn 51-6, with a Ryan Davis punt return TD.” - Ryan Sterritt

“I’m not 100% sure about this, but I bet Auburn is oh-fer against the number in games the week between Georgia and Alabama. Even last year they struggled to pull away from ULM until the second half. This Liberty team is like a worse version of that ULM team: decent offense, absolutely terrible defense. I think the big difference here is special teams. If Auburn can get a big special teams play early, I think they’ll pull away from the Flames. Even so, I think it’s guaranteed to be a bit irritating. Given how my picks have gone, I’ll take the points. Auburn 41, Liberty 14.” - James Jones

“This is going to feel like last year’s ULM game, only with less people in attendance. People are feeling apathetic about football right now, and I think that’ll carry over to the team a little bit tomorrow afternoon. Liberty probably gets a couple scores in the first half and sticks around, but their defense is so bad. Auburn has the depth to run away in the final 25 minutes or so and make it a true blowout, but we’ll sweat for a little while. Auburn wins 45-14.” - Jack Condon