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Snap Judgments & Game Superlatives - Auburn 53, Liberty 0

Tigers win, y’all.

NCAA Football: Liberty at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Auburn blanked Liberty yesterday for the first shutout against an FBS team in a decade, and sent the seniors out the right way with a 53-0 victory as they improved to 7-4 on the season.

It was good to see Gus Malzahn excited on the sideline after some of those big plays. However you feel about him and this season, it was tough watching his press conference after the Georgia game last weekend. He truly thought that we had a chance to go in there and spring the upset, and we missed a bunch of chances early and fell apart late. This game was just an occasion to get out and play some football against an overmatched team, and to say goodbye to some incredible players.

Alright, let’s go with our snap judgments from last night’s win:

“Auburn did what it was supposed to do and now all eyes turn to Maui to see what Auburn Basketball is made of. War Eagle!” - Will McLaughlin

“Everybody did what they were supposed to. Pretty much all of the seniors had their moments, which was a nice way to end the home slate. Stidham showed he still has a ton of arm talent when he’s not worried about getting sacked all night. Also, Seth Williams is a legitimate star. I’ve learned not to comment on the Auburn passing game in a predictive fashion anymore, but he can ball, and he might be Auburn’s first true NFL receiver in a long time.” - Ryan Sterritt

“A lot of people hate on the cupcake weekend, but it’s a really nice way to see your team demolish someone who’s bad, allowing you to take a break during what’s usually a very stressful season. Imagine playing Georgia on the road, and then some other SEC opponent, and then Alabama. We’re not the only conference that plays only eight league games, and so I don’t really feel bad when the SEC does this. The ACC is doing it in Week Two. As for the game itself, Auburn looked good. The defense bounced back, and I echo what Ryan said above... Stidham is a top-tier quarterback when he’s not running for his life. The only way that I believe we can give Alabama a game next Saturday is by giving him the time to make plays, and let the ball go into the hands of Ryan Davis, Anthony Schwartz, and Seth Williams (my God, a freshman!).” - Jack Condon

“SHUTOUT B!TCHES. COME GET A TASTE, YOU SLACK-JAWED WEST ALABAMA F*&KERS!” - James Jones (saved the best for last)


It’s Kam Martin. After what’s obviously been a disappointing season for him, he racked up 116 yards on 17 carries for a 6.8 average. He didn’t get to score in the game yesterday, but his day was full of quick and powerful runs, and he led the way for an Auburn rushing attack that churned out 340 yards on the ground. It’s by far the best performance on the season for the Tigers in that regard.


That said, the play of the game goes to the aerial attack.

Stidham gets time, goes deep, Seth Williams beats his man, and makes the tough catch. We need to give him a couple shots like this on Saturday, because he can absolutely make the play.


Darrell Williams had the pick six, Smoke Monday got an interception, and Jordyn Peters blocked a punt for a safety, but Marlon Davidson had a bigger impact over the course of the game. His line? 3 tackles, 1 sack, 1 TFL, 1 pass deflection, and 1 quarterback hurry. We may as well pay homage to him as well since a good enough draft grade may send him to the NFL instead of back to Auburn for his senior season.


Senior. Darrell Williams. Pick six in his final home game. How about it.

There you have it. Auburn beats Liberty 53-0, and gets the top-ranked team in the country as a reward next Saturday. Between now and then, there’s some way that I know I’ll convince myself to pick the Tigers in the upset, but for now, let’s build up to that and enjoy some Auburn basketball in Maui starting tomorrow.

War Eagle!