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BOOM! ROASTED! - Week (gulp) 12

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Everyone fears this weekend. College football weekends are the land of plenty, especially in these days of TV contracts and more than 50% of the games being on TV, we are treated to great matchups and games we didn’t think being great turning into instant classics. There is however, the dreaded Week 12. This is a weekend of tune-up games and nothing matchups. However, there are some gems in the desert of this football weekend, so let’s see if we can find some.


I don’t know about you but I love Big 12 football. Don’t get me wrong, I love defensive struggles (not Michigan State-Nebraska style…that’s just refusing to have an offense), but I love watching a team score with, oh I don’t know…:42 seconds left...

And know that I have to watch till the end, because the defense is 1939 French Army levels of paper thin…

But how about that defense getting one stop! Somewhere, a tear just ran down Pat Dye’s face.

So what does this do...well if you are a college football fan that wants to avoid anything and everything in the state of Alabama this weekend, your Friday is at least taken care of. It’s a 3 team race for the Big 12 title. Texas must beat Kansas at 11 am to punch their ticket for the title game. The evening is where the fun begins though. Oklahoma travels to Morgantown for the final spot in the title game, unless Texas loses, then it would be part 1 of a back to back game (at least as best I can guess…but I think I’m right).

Also on Friday evening, Washington and Washington State battle in the Apple Cup for the Pac-12 North title, so ya got that going for ya too.


Full disclosure, I am a fan of the World Champion Red Sox (but not one of those loser fans that only know when they play the Yankees and wears the B hat because I’m a bandwagon fan, I actually follow the minors and the draft, those of you that read my Auburn baseball write ups in the Spring know that this is legit), so this is cringe worthy on a different level for me than most. Notre Dame and Syracuse played at Yankee Stadium this weekend, which is awesome. I like playing games at different sites so that fans can go see teams they normally don’t get to see. However, Notre Dame made a special uniform to celebrate the fact they were playing in the Bronx…

SWEET CATFISH HUNTER THOSE ARE HARD TO LOOK AT! If the pinstripe pants aren’t bad enough, WHERE IS MY GOLDEN DOME HELMET!?! It’s just wrong….JUST WRONG!!

So how did they look in action you ask….well…

Let’s….let’s just not speak of this game….ever….Notre Dame won…that’s what you need to know.


Let’s just keep on with the baseball theme as SunTrust Park hosted a college football contest as Jacksonville State took on the Fighting Owls of Kennesaw State. Everything was going fine until the Owls tied it up in the 4th to push the game into overtime. THEN IT WENT INSANE, with both teams getting matching TDs, extra points, and two point conversions, until the 5th OT! KSU was able to get their 2 point conversion to take an 8 point lead and then, this happened…

Gotta love watching fans storm a baseball park. It’s like watching an old school video of the Giants winning the pennant or when Hank Aaron hitting 715 and people running up to shake his hand. Good for you Owls for hanging in there and a rough loss for JSU.

That’s what I saw this weekend. I know I didn’t mention some things, so feel free to join in on the pointing and laughing in the comments!