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Monday Musical: One Game More

NCAA Football: Liberty at Auburn
One Game More
John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

The camera pans up to show a busy street. It is the Friday before Iron Bowl Saturday, and all the interested parties are milling about the Auburn Internet, which looks surprisingly like 1830s France. Gus Malzahn is sitting in the bar from last week, right after the other coaches left. He is pondering his future while out on the streets groups of Students are busy not caring about going to games and are getting their Snapchat streaks higher or whatever. A Realist stalks Malzahn, he is the self-appointed police, judge, and jury of Auburn’s success. He is not a fun guy to hang out with. Son of Crow, legendary reporter and podcaster, is hanging out at a café with Bruce Pearl who has taught Crow how to love again. Allen Greene is wondering what the heck he’s gotten himself into taking the Auburn job as he strolls along a cobblestone street. A Sunshine Pumper, wearing full orange Auburn Under Armour gear, is getting prepared for the Iron Bowl by finding statistics that show Auburn has a chance and that this has actually been a pretty good season. He is already Barning so hard you don’t even know. A horde of Beat Writers looms over the entire scene, taking time off from complaining about Auburn’s press box only to discuss how to get subs up and sling original content faster.

Tensions are high. The various concerned groups each has become completely certain of what needs to be done.

Music swells.


One game more!

Another game, another test for me

This over-blown but important rivalry

So many want to end my time

But I think the offense will be fine

One game more


I don’t care about this game

How can I when hoops has started?


One game more

[Crow & Bruce Pearl] staring into one another’s eyes

Saturday basketball won’t play

But our quest for March has started

[Allen Greene]

All these fans seem to do is moan

[Crow & Bruce Pearl]

Will we care about football again?

[Allen Greene]

One more game with complaints blaring

[Crow & Bruce Pearl]

I was born to be with you

[Allen Greene]

What a choice I’ll have to own

[Crow & Bruce Pearl]

And for a final four bid too!

[Allen Greene]

Why did I ever come here?

[PUMPER & Crow]

One more game to beat the Tide

Is it worth Pumping about this?

And to prove this team is good

Shall I put more hope in Gus?

Crow you know you’re on our side

I mean he did the kick six once?

Will you pump sunshine with me?

[ALL] in unison

CBS at 2:30

We all Hate Gary


One game more!


One more game till he is hist’ry

And we’ll say goodbye to Gus

The boosters’ll come up with the buyout

We won’t JABA this one up!


Give em what they want

Add subscribers every fall

Little bits of info

All behind a paywall

Here’s a little tease

Bait for all the clicks

Did’ya hear the rumor?

They can’t help but look!


Old people need to stop complaining

Crowd the back of skybar full!

Drink specials and cheap wings?


There’s no incentive, we’re not winning

There’s parties and they’re more fun

Plus its not that cool a scene


I’ll Barn so hard

So Orange and True®!


One game more!

[Crow & Bruce Pearl] in unison (overlap)

I will not care about this game

Basketball is a better way

And our best season’s started

[Allen Greene] (overlap)

One more game and fans will moan

[REALIST] (overlapping but has to be the loudest)

I will convince these sunshine pumpers

I will make sure that they know

I don’t want 4 losses a season

I will explain why Gus must go


One game more!

[Beat Writers] (overlapping)

Feed ‘em what they want

give ‘em nameless quotes

Never better business

than a coaching search

[REALIST] (overlapping)

One more game with High School’s offense

I’ll get super mad online

I’ve got message boards to flame on


Tomorrow I have to find a way


Tomorrow we’ll discover

What Auburn’s future has in store!

One more time

One more game

One game more!

War damn Eagle.