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Staff Picks - College Football Week Ten

Actually not a bad weekend of football...

NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Louisiana State Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

There are some big ole huge games this weekend, not including what could be a pivotal game on the Plains (for multiple reasons). Baton Rouge, Ann Arbor, Austin... there are some good sites for good games. Let’s pick ‘em.

Michigan (-10) vs Penn State (O/U 52.5)

“It’s going to be hard for Michigan to come in third in the division at this point. They’ll have to lose this game to do so. There’s no reason for them to lose this game, and you know what, I actually think they might make a run this year on the backs of one of (if not THE) best defense in the country. Michigan 31-20.” - Ryan Sterritt

“Penn State has been cursed ever since they called the inside trap vs Ohio State... it continues. Khaki pants with another winner. Michigan 27, Penn State 17.” - Drew McCracken

“Penn State has been a really disappointing pick for me this season. I can’t seem to figure them out. I’ll lean on the Wolverines at home and lay the points. Michigan 28, Penn State 17.” - James Jones

“Penn State really misses Joe Moorhead and Saquon Barkley and have been a disappointment this year. Michigan has made their way to a #5 ranking with an elite defense. Game is in Ann Arbor so I’ll take Michigan and hope they end up winning the Big 10 East. Michigan 24 Penn, State 16.” - Will McLaughlin

“I don’t know man, you’re gonna have to ask somebody else. Michigan 10, Penn State 0.” - Son of Crow

“Coach Khaki vs the Guy Everyone Seems to Love. If I haven’t already expressed how little I respect the B1G, let me again say: Who cares? Let’s go nuts, Nittany Lions 31-30.” - AU Chief

“Friendly reminder that I opened my picks this year by saying that Michigan would lose to Notre Dame but go on to win the Big 10. I still believe it. Wolverines 24, PSU 14.” - AU Nerd

“I think Michigan’s defense might be the best unit in the country. Penn State’s offense is predicated on Trace McSorley doing things with his legs, and I don’t think that’ll continue much in Ann Arbor. Wolverines roll 34-13.” - Jack Condon

Kentucky vs Georgia (-9) (O/U 43.5)

“In my totally non-biased opinion on this game, Kentucky wins this one 18-15. There’s a safety somewhere in here, as well as a near-defensive touchdown that paves the way for Kentucky.” - Ryan Sterritt

“I loved Kirby praising Kentucky’s big game know, the team that beat Florida for the first time since 86 this year. You know Field of Dreams was made in 1989? Dawgs 24, Cats 21.” - Drew McCracken

“BOOK THE TICKETS TO CATLANTA. Kentucky 17, Georgia 16.” - James Jones

“Kentucky, by the skin of their teeth, survived Missouri last week setting up one of the biggest football games in Kentucky football history this weekend in Lexington. Kentucky’s offense has been terrible the last few weeks and they need to step it up if they are going to take down the Dawgs. Winner of this game likely gets Bama in Atlanta December 1st and I would love nothing more than to see the Cats get this done. Here’s to hoping.... Kentucky 19, Georgia 17.” - Will McLaughlin

“Look, I need this, Wildcats—ok? Just beat Georgia somehow. I don’t care if it’s the luckiest thing ever, I just need UGA to have two losses. I need it like oxygen. UK 30-21.” - Son of Crow

“As I said last week, I’m going all in on Kentucky. This is it. Win and they are in Atlanta (barring what would have to be an enormous upset against Tennessee) I wish I could watch this one because nothing will be quite as sweet as the Kentucky Wildcats effectively ending Georgia’s season. Wildcats 28-21.” - AU Chief

“I think UK has a better shot at pulling this upset off than Florida did. They have a ground game that can beat you up and UGA has a defense vulnerable to being gashed. They have the best pass rusher in the SEC who can harass Fromm and the #9 ranked rushing defense. If UGA is going to lose again in the regular season, this is the weekend. But I’m sorry, nice things aren’t happening for Auburn this year. Fromm converts some key 3rd down & the Dawgs escape Lexington with a close but infuriating win. UGA 20, UK 13.” - AU Nerd

“After watching Kentucky play, I just don’t think they’re very good. The fact that they’re ranked so high right now is crazy to me. I think this game ends with Georgia showing them just how far behind the rest of the East is behind the Bulldogs. Georgia 28-10.” - Jack Condon

Texas (-2) vs West Virginia (O/U 58)

“Y’all should know what to check for by now. Tom Herman favored? Pass. This season alone he’s 1-5 ATS (with two losses) as a favorite and 2-0 straight up as a dog. West Virginia wins it 42-38. Will Grier does enough to get his name back in Heisman ballot contention (nobody is taking this from Tua except for maybe Kyler Murray) as he torches Texas’s 117th in passing explosiveness defense.” - Ryan Sterritt

“I didn’t pick Texas last week cause they were on the road and the horns aren’t good across state lines for some reason. For that reason, and Herman looking like he is in Wrestlemania form last week, he will fire up the troops to take on Holgo. Horns 48, ’Neers 45.” - Drew McCracken

“Texas as a favorite? One week after they got torched by Oklahoma State? Pass. Take me home: WVU 41, Texas 31.” - James Jones

“I guess Texas isn’t back. After getting back into the Top 10, the Horns fell in Stillwater last week and now Will Grier, who is quietly having a great year, comes to Austin. This has shootout written all over it and I’ll take the better QB in this matchup. West Virginia 48, Texas 38.” - Will McLaughlin

“Tom Herman should probably not try to challenge Dana to a fight, who knows what that man is capable of. I think Texas is a better team on paper, but wild things happen when the ’Neers are involved and I think this game gets pretty drunk pretty quick. Texas 52, WV 49.” - Son of Crow

“Guess what folks? Texas ain’t back. Mountaineers 35-27.” - AU Chief

“Tom Herman’s teams play to the level of competition. They look terrible against bad teams and great against good ones. Mountaineers are a good one. I think the Longhorns rushing attack proves the difference. TEX 38, WV 35.” - AU Nerd

“Horns at home? Not on the road? That’s a win. Texas 35, WVU 33.” - Jack Condon

Northwestern vs Notre Dame (-9.5) (O/U 53.5)

“Northwestern is a science experiment to see how bad a team can be and still win games. Right now, they’re 5-1 in conference, but 64th overall in S&P+ with losses to Duke and Akron out of conference. I for one would love to see a 7-5 Northwestern win the Big 10 West, but that won’t save them here. Notre Dame has the #6 defense going against the #108 offense, and I think that’s all that needs to be said. Notre Dame 31-16.” - Ryan Sterritt

“I love Northwestern but ND is way too strong this year (till they get to the playoff). ND 28, NW 17.” - Drew McCracken

“Northwestern is the most unwatchable team in the B1G West, which puts them high in the running for most unwatchable team in the country. They’ll make it ugly, but that’s all. Notre Dame 23, Northwestern 14.” - James Jones

“This honestly looks like Notre Dame’s toughest game left on their schedule. The Wildcats look like the best team in the Big 10 West and I think they can challenge the Irish for awhile. Despite that, I think the Irish still have too much for Northwestern. Notre Dame 31, Northwestern 14.” - Will McLaughlin

“Gosh this sounds like a game between two fan bases who compete for the nicest matting around their diplomas. Irish 28-21.” - Son of Crow

“WHO CARES?! Catholics 35-13.” - AU Chief

“Since making the move to Ian Book, this Notre Dame team actually kinda, sorta looks like a legit playoff team. They will still get crushed by Bama of course but I think they at least get the chance to get crushed by the Tide. ND 41, NW 27.” - AU Nerd

“Notre Dame is still one of the best teams in the country, but this is a Wildcat team that knows how to much it up. The Irish can score some points, but they’ll have to settle for a bunch fo field goals in this one. Notre Dame 29, Northwestern 16.” - Jack Condon

LSU vs Alabama (-14.5) (O/U 53.5)

“If I could pick any non-Auburn game to have the outcome I want this year, it would be LSU winning this game. Unfortunately, I think they’ll do well to stay within two scores and keep Alabama under 30. At least this shouldn’t be a dumb 9-6 game, but I think Bama takes this one 31-21. As an aside, I can’t think there’s any way LSU kicks a field goal for anything less than 4th & 10 or to win the game.” - Ryan Sterritt

“Unless the crowd can come down and tackle Tua, this one is already over, I am afraid. uat 38, LSU 24.” - Drew McCracken

“Normally I’m Bama minus anything without thinking about it, but there’s something about this LSU team in Baton Rouge. Last season during a rough picking streak I just started picking UGA and Bama against the spread every week. Either I won, or I sprayed my losing stink all over them. It worked last November, so let’s try it on the ole Crimson Turds this year. GEAUX TIGAHS! Alabama 34, LSU 14.” - James Jones

“I can’t emphasize enough how huge of a loss it is for LSU to not have their defensive leader Devin White for a half, and how dumb the targeting rules are. On average, Alabama has scored 38.75 points in the first half this season. I think Tua takes advantage of White’s absence and the Tide build a comfortable lead in the first half. The second half may be a bit more even, but I don’t think it will matter. Alabama starts making their plans for Santa Clara after this one because I don’t see another team challenging them until the Playoff. Alabama 37, LSU 14.” - Will McLaughlin

“I wish I had a lot more faith than I do in the Fightin’ Os. Of course this is the first team with a pulse that Alabama has come up against, so you really never know. I want to believe. Tigahs 29-26.” - AU Chief

“Alabama is going to win this game. That’s just gonna happen. Accept it. But what I wanna see in this game is how Tua looks against this LSU defense. Dave Aranda’s unit will be the best he’s faced all season long. I think he looks human at times and actually has to play the 4th quarter. But Burrow & that offense won’t be able to do enough. Tide 31, LSU 17.” - AU Nerd

“I’ve been let down too many times thinking that someone other than Auburn can beat Bama with any sort of regularity. LSU has failed in that regard horribly ever since the 9-6 game, and their offense has no shot to score more than 14 tomorrow night. Alabama will lean on them and put up a couple late touchdowns to make it seem like more of a blowout than it was, but the outcome will still never be in doubt after the first quarter. Bama 38, LSU 13.” - Jack Condon