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Staff Picks - CFB Week 13

There’s actually a lot left to be decided this weekend!

NCAA Football: Indiana at Michigan Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

I believe the SEC and ACC Championship games are the only ones that are completely decided at this point, which means that there’s meaningful football to be played during rivalry weekend. How ‘bout that?!

Michigan (-4) @ Ohio State (O/U 56.5)

“I normally lean a little towards Ohio State in this game, since they are our Land Grant brothers fighting a large state university. But I just can’t do it for Meyer. Michigan is on a roll, and I don’t see them slowing down. Haskins puts up numbers, but OSU can’t punch in TDs. Michigan 24, Ohio State 19.” - James Jones

“Michigan should be favored by wayyy more in this game. But in a strange sense... they shouldn’t be, because that would mean the Wolverines would win the division, which somehow I’m still doubtful of. Anyways, Ohio State is looking worse than they ever have under Urban on defense, and I think Michigan should be able to take advantage of that. Michigan 35-24.” - Ryan Sterritt

“The very first pick I made on this site I stated that Michigan would lose to Notre Dame but win the Big 10. That is probably like the 4th time I’ve reminded ya’ll of that fact and I will continue to do so until they raise the trophy. But I will say that if I was not married to that original pick I might go Buckeyes. While they sure haven’t looked great I think they might have a mental edge over the Wolverines right now. This is a huge moment for Harbaugh. If he can’t get it done this year then I’m not sure he ever will. Good thing for Michigan fans he gets it done. Wolverines 34 Buckeyes 27.” - AU Nerd

“Much like the game above, I haven’t seen of the fight I thought I would see from Ohio State in the past couple of weeks, while Michigan has not lost since I gave up Coach Khaki for dead in South Bend. Look for Michigan and Shea Patterson to be too much for a swiss cheese style Buckeye Defense. Michigan 31, tOSU 17.” - Drew McCracken

“Michigan has its best team in years under the biggest weirdo in the Big 10. I really think the Wolverines are better in every way than the Bucks this year. I think we see a bloodletting that has ramifications throughout college football as a regime change will come in Columbus. Michigan 52-10.” - Son of Crow

“I think Michigan might actually pull this one off. I hope they do. Ohio State really is the worst, and Ubran Meyer is even worse than the worst. Let’s go Coach Khaki. Michigan wins, bub. 35-26.” - AU Chief

“I really want Michigan to win this game and send Urban Meyer off to retirement. The Wolverines have been tremendous on defense all season long but I believe this is the best offense they’ve seen so far this year. The Buckeyes, on the other hand, struggle on the defensive side of the ball. While everything would point to Michigan winning, for some strange reason, I just have the gut feeling Ohio State is going to weasel out of this one with the victory and it will probably infuriate me more than whatever happens in Tuscaloosa. Ohio State 35, Michigan 34.” - Will McLaughlin

“Michigan’s defense is actually good, but they always seem to get that little bugaboo against Ohio State. The Buckeyes have been charmed (and just flat out better most of the time) than the Wolverines this millennium, but it changes here. Michigan’s on the precipice of a Playoff bid, and they know that OSU is the actual last test with Northwestern waiting in the wings next weekend in the Big 10 Championship. Also, the Buckeye defense is bad. Shea Patterson gets a couple of wow plays and Michigan removes the poisonous monkey. Wolverines win 38-21 in Columbus.” - Jack Condon

Oklahoma (-2) @ WVU (O/U 83.5)

“EIGHTY-THREE AND A HALF! Woo man I can’t wait to watch this. It’s gonna make Rams-Chiefs look like Michigan State-Nebraska. Kyler Murray does just enough. Oklahoma 66, West Virginia 59.” - James Jones


“This game is gonna be fun. Both teams find playing defense an inconvenience you must do while you wait to score more points. Kyler Murray has lived up to his 5* billing since moving to Norman but Mountaineers have just as talented a gunslinger running their offense as well. I honestly don’t have a strong feeling either way but at end of the day when it comes to Big 12 games where the Sooners have a chance to win a title, it’s hard to pick against em. OK gets it done once again in a wild affair 45-42.” - AU Nerd

“Now we are getting into the fun! Oklahoma has ZERO defense to speak of while West Virginia has just enough to talk about. Gimme them Mountain Folk! HOLGO! 48, UO 44.” - Drew McCracken

“Wooo boy let’s meet in the end zone! This game reminds us that offense can be fun and yield points. Wouldn’t that be nice? Lincoln Riley’s offense at OU has been held under 30 only one time since he took over as OC. That’s bonkers. Guess what? They score more than 30 again. OU 65-55.” - Son of Crow

“The experts are all picking Jokelahoma. I say screw the experts and screw UO. West Virginia 51-49.” - AU Chief

“This will be an outstanding Friday night football game where defense will be totally optional. Kyler Murray and Will Grier will put on a show with the winner set to face Texas in Arlington next weekend for the Big 12 Championship. (Unless Les Miles eats the grass in Lawrence and magically helps Kansas pull the upset). I have just a little more faith in Oklahoma than West Virginia on offense but a little more faith in West Virginia’s defense. Still, I feel like Oklahoma will find a way to win this game in an epic offensive showdown. Oklahoma 66, West Virginia 62.” - Will McLaughlin

“BC-Miami 1984 was a day-after-Thanksgiving shootout, where Doug Flutie threw for 472 yards, 4 touchdowns, one Hail Mary, and a Heisman Trophy on the road. Kyler Murray will do similar things in this one with a huge passing day, a couple of rushing touchdowns, and his Heisman moment as the Sooners beat the Mountaineers in Morgantown. Oklahoma gets it done 47-45.” - Jack Condon

Washington @ Washington State (-2.5) (O/U 49.5)

“Alright, well, I said Minshew would win the Heisman in the Iron Bowl preview, so I guess he has to have a monster game here. The matchup should be fantastic between Washington’s strong secondary versus Minshew and the Cougs. I’ll take a strong mustache in Movember. Washington State 33, Washington 28.” - James Jones

“I want to believe, I really do. But this slate of games is determined to make me depressed. Washington’s stellar secondary makes life tough for Minshew, and Browning reminds everyone that he’s a really good quarterback. Huskies 38-30.” - Ryan Sterritt

“I love Mike Leach. He’s so dang entertaining and when his offense is running it’s brilliant. But here’s the thing, the Pirate is entertaining, but he’s not a guy that wins titles. The Huskies aren’t as good as we all thought, but they have a tendency to wreck the Cougars. He’s lost 5 straight times to Washington and I think it’s unfortunately 6 this evening. Huskies 27, Cougs 20.” - AU Nerd

“I hate to do this to the Pirate....Huskies surprise them here.... UDUB 27, Wazzu 21.” - Drew McCracken

“Apple cup! I think the Pirate gets the win and is knocking on the door of the playoffs. WSU 45-10.” - Son of Crow

“Quite the conundrum here. I desperately want the Pirate to make the playoff and wreak absolute havoc. On the other hand, Auburn’s one quality win loses quite a bit of shine if it loses this game. On the other hand, what does the latter even matter at this point? GO COUGS! Washington State 30-28.” - AU Chief

“It’s almost like all of the really great games are on Friday. The Apple Cup will likely serve as the Pac-12 Championship with the winner likely going to the Rose Bowl. I’d love to see Gardner Minshew continue to carve up defenses as he has but as Auburn fans know, Washington is tough on that side of the ball. In the end, I like the Cougars to continue this magical run as they look to finish the regular season off on a high note. Washington State 38, Washington 28.” - Will McLaughlin

“I honestly haven’t seen any of the Huskies since we played them, but I have watched Mike Leach a good bit. Wazzu is loose, ready, and having fun as they roll through the Pac 12 slate, and I think that continues with a nice Apple Cup win here. Mustaches blow hither and thither as Minshew lights it up. WSU 34, Washington 27.” - Jack Condon

LSU @ Texas A&M (-2.5) (O/U 47.5)

“Texas A&M has never beaten LSU since joining the SEC. I don’t see how they start now. Seems like this line is backwards. Jeaux Burreaux does just enough to win and make you perplexed as to how the hell he did it. LSU 24, Texas A&M 20.” - James Jones

“Wait, A&M is favored? How? *Checks LSU’s Advanced Stat Profile, sees offense* Oh. Oh man that’s bad. Aggies finally get on the board in this series, 25-19.” - Ryan Sterritt

“Jimbo has already ended one tradition this year, that one being where the away team wins in the AU/A&M series. Guess what? I think he ends another. This time by FINALLY beating LSU. Aggies shock the Tigers 17-13.” - AU Nerd

“Talk about a team that you just can’t get a read on... A&M should have dominated Auburn and didn’t, then I thought UAB would give them a game... didn’t happen. So when I think they should give LSU a ballgame... they won’t. Though this one will be close, Arky gave LSU more of a scare than they should have... LSU 28, A&M 24.” - Drew McCracken

“I think LSU is good. That’s what I tell people who complain about us losing to them and I mean it. This team can play ball and they have a really tough defense. I don’t think the Aggies have the talent yet to compete. LSU 28-18.” - Son of Crow

“Texas A&M isn’t very good. Neither is LSU (I know they are ranked whatever, but come on). This being at Kyle Field makes me think The Fake Army Bros probably have the slight advantage. I’m gonna go with the phonies here. Texas A&M 22-21.” - AU Chief

“First of all, Texas A&M is favored to win this game?? How? I know LSU’s offense has struggled in November in SEC play but I still think the Fighting Tigers are much better than the Aggies. LSU 31, Texas A&M 17.” - Will McLaughlin

“I was pretty sure I typed the line wrong when I saw it, but somehow A&M is favored at home against LSU. People must be remembering the Tiger team that Alabama shut out, but they’re better than that. This will be a close game, but I think LSU keeps A&M out of the end zone a couple times, and that’s the difference. Tigers win 27-23.” - Jack Condon

Notre Dame (-11) @ USC (O/U 54.5)

“USC is a dead team walking. I just can’t see them looking ahead of UCLA to this game, even with as bad as UCLA had been prior to that game. With Book back and fully operational, I think Notre Dame makes a statement here. Notre Dame 38, USC 20.” - James Jones

“Dread it. Run from it. Destiny still arrives. Unfortunately, that destiny is Notre Dame in the playoffs, alongside Alabama and Clemson. Catholics 27-10.” - Ryan Sterritt

“Notre Dame is legit, USC is terrible. Fighting Irish easily 38-14.” - AU Nerd

“This one is a layup. ND BIG. Irish 38, USC 14.” - Drew McCracken

“USC is real bad. And needs a new coach. ND 54.5-0.” - Son of Crow

“Notre Dame is definitely going to be the lamest team to ever make the playoff after being the second lamest* to ever make the BCS Championship Game. I really have to tell you, I really don’t think Notre Dame deserve to be recognized in anyway in College Football. Join a conference for real, you losers! Anyway, they’ll probably get smashed to pieces by whoever they play in the playoff. They will easily win here. Notre Dame 32-19.” - AU Chief

“USC is the last hope for College Football fans to knock Notre Dame out of the Playoff. (Must be nice not to worry about playing in a conference and not have a conference title game). USC is a dumpster fire with a coaching change looking likely after this weekend. The Irish have too much on both sides of the ball and will be the first team to punch their ticket to the College Football Playoff, meaning at least 2 conferences will be left out of the CFP, meaning expansion is something that needs to happen and needs to happen soon. Notre Dame 41, USC 17.” - Will McLaughlin

“Notre Dame is actually good and not ‘2012 Notre Dame good’. USC is going to be without a head coach on Monday. The Irish just provide the final kick out the door. Book goes off, Dexter Williams gets a couple touchdowns, and Notre Dame rolls into the Playoff. Irish 45-14.” - Jack Condon