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BOOM! Roasted!! - Fight Club 2: Bloodsport

Ahhh rivalry week. This is the weekend for pure, unapologetic hatred, combined with just enough respect in some cases that cause you to hate the other side even more. The kind of hatred that, as Jim Nantz put it, “the goal is to win, but the fear is of losing and having to tolerate your arch-rival’s fans and there incessant torture for an entire year.” So let’s dive in and see the civil, complementary rivalry games went this weekend.


Over the weekend, my dad asked me to make 3 pick on games for monetary purposes. We discussed a few and settled on 3 games in a parlay that included taking the under on Texas A&M and LSU. We both thought LSU would be good for 21-24 points and with the Dave Aranda defense, A&M was in for a solid 14-17, well under the O/U of 48. Well…..

Well dang…there goes the over. Oh but dear reader, they were far from done.

Just for those keeping track, if the over under was 148, you would have just squeezed in. GOOD LORD, A&M channeled the last little bit of Big XII play they had in College Station in a score that would make an Oklahoma Defensive Coordinator blush! But, this also meant you had a wet Coach O for the ENTIRE OT sequence because of the premature Powerade Bath. The fun was far from over however, as when you combine Louisiana and East Texas folks….PUNCHES GON GET THROWN!

It was quick but maybe this will lead to this game getting fun like that SEC offices wanted by pitting these two at the end of each other’s schedule.


So I am a bit of a history nut and love knowing where college nicknames come from. Well, the University of North Carolina takes their Tar Heel nickname from the Civil War, when soldiers from other states called the men from North Carolina ‘Tar Heels” because they stuck in the fight so long and were often asked if some of their tar could be borrowed so that they could stick in the fight longer.

I say all that because that kind of tenacity is exactly what is needed in a rivalry game when overmatched like the Heels were against NC State this weekend….

Ok so that isn’t ideal, but the Heels stormed back to tie it and take the Pack to overtime where this happened….

Let’s go down to field level for a closer look!

I think my favorite part in this video is at the beginning when the PA guy is still announcing the score like he is Harry Doyle, pouring out some more of the Dickle for this UNC season to only pop back with a lively Don’t Text and Drive read. Kudos to you sir, but next time, do play by play of the fight, I wanna know who is carrying their right a little low so I can properly wager and win back what I lost in the LSU game…


Anyone remember last year’s Egg Bowl, that included a gruesome injury to Nick Fitzgerald and an Ole Miss receiver scoring a TD and lift his leg like a dog? Oh I do, and it looks like a lot of the State players did too…

Not as good as some of the other stuff above for the most part but you guys get a point for EVERYONE ON THE FIELD getting an unsportsman’s like foul called on you! That’s some Mississippi stuff if I’ve ever seen it!

But the real nod goes to the Mississippi State band. This is some next level trolling if I’ve ever seen it in practice!

So beautiful. If you don’t know, Ole Miss replaced the Black Bear mascot this season for…this…

You’re not wrong to laugh….you’re not wrong, and it makes the State troll job that much better.

Well dear reader, that concludes the regular season and I want to thank you for sticking with me on Boom Roasted, Vol 1. I will probably do one for the bowl season, after most of those are done just in case you might have missed over the Bowl Season. I would like to personally thank those who have been dedicated readers this season and put up with whatever this thing is. I have had a blast writing it and hope to bring it to you again next season! Until Bowl Season….don’t be a Jim Harbaugh….