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There Went Davis

It’s been five years! Let’s go back to that magical night.

Auburn football had gone from the outhouse to the penthouse. After the horror house that was the 2012 football season on the Plains, Gus Malzahn’s first team at Auburn was 10-1 and ranked #4 in the country by the time the Iron Bowl kicked off. The season up until that point had been a roller coaster itself. After getting stomped in the “stiff dew” of Tiger Stadium, the Tigers went on to avenge the previous year’s slaughtering at the hands of Manziel and Texas A&M by knocking the #7 Aggies off in College Station and going on a tear through the rest of the SEC. Just two weeks earlier, the faithful in Jordan-Hare were treated to what they thought was the craziest finish they would ever see: UGA coming all the way back to take a late lead on #7 Auburn on a questionable at best touchdown call for Aaron Murray, Auburn pigeon-holing themselves into 4th and 17 from their own 27 with 25 seconds left, Marshall heaving up a prayer deep to Ricardo Louis, the tipped ball falling into his hands, and finally UGA marching BACK down the field with the ball near the Auburn 20 before the last play of the game.

All of THAT led us up to the Mother of All Iron Bowls, Part 1. Now, there are plenty of great writeups and lookbacks and other sources for you to reminisce on. Five years has allowed a ton of content to be produced surrounding the greatest finish to a football game of all time. So today, we’re just going to drop you, the reader, back into the experience. Maybe you were there, maybe you weren’t. Maybe you were just a kid then, maybe you were an alum of 50 years. But we all have a story to tell. And if a picture really is worth 1,000 words, we’ve got… a lot of words.

I think Chief thought he had to score, too.

It certainly didn’t take long for the field to fill up with people, just like Chief.

It was a perfect night for a reverse rammer-jammer, too. Thanks to James Jones for this video.

By the time I got down onto the field, it was a madhouse. The blur on this picture I took of Avery Young wasn’t intentional, but it certainly captured the craziness we were all a part of in that moment.

Chief captured a great video that takes in all of the madness. It’s long, but try not to smile when you feel like you’re actually there in the crowd.

Poor Jack Condon, our fearless leader, had to work the broadcast that night... from the friendly confines of his desk.

And to this day there’s a bit of damage to that office.

From there, the crowd spilled over into Toomers for a night of celebration.

Anders didn’t take long to react. Also, the McRib was there!

Take a look back at the how College and Mag handled that night. We love you, too, Fuhrmeister.

Of course, the night was still young. What do you do after that adrenaline high? Why, you settle down and watch some more football.

Each of us has a story of that cold November night. We’ve probably told our stories 8 billion times by now, so hopefully this little walk down memory lane, in full color, helped make that memory feel a little more vivid today. Yes, Georgia and Alabama play for the SEC Championship tomorrow. But no matter how that goes, you have a Kick Six.