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SNAP JUDGMENTS: Auburn 28, Texas A&M 24

Bullet points from a great comeback win!

Texas A&M v Auburn Photo by Michael Chang/Getty Images

Dang. Auburn came back and ripped some other team’s heart out. It looked really, really bleak around the midpoint of the fourth quarter, but the Tigers did it. They dang did it. They scored two late touchdowns, Jarrett Stidham found the clutch gene, and Auburn got to bowl eligibility with possible the most exciting win of the season. It’s also a great way to send out the seniors with their final SEC home game, and it certainly helped everyone get even more excited about this year’s freshman class.

So, what did we think? Here are the snap judgments.




Suck it Jimbo

Butt fumble avenged

War Damn” - AU Nerd

“Hahahahahahahahahaha this game is stupid War Eagle Forever.” - James Jones

- Son of Crow

“Stidham is good and the offensive line is bad. Refs are dumber than ever. Seth Williams is a dang monster. I love our defense, even when they have bad games. Also, Gus is still our coach and I’m happy about that.” - Ryan Sterritt

“I don’t believe what I just saw. Things were bleak, people were leaving, the fan boards were gonna be nuts this week and then somehow out of thin air, the offense came to life. Whatever offense we ran the last five minutes needs to be run full time going forward. War Eagle!” - Will McLaughlin

“Yay for the win. It’s one that the team deserved and needed for their psyche. But where was that offense the first 55 or so minutes of the game?!? Just do that and the run will come! But hahaha we won a football game with 19 yards rushing.” - Drew McCracken

“I listened to the fourth quarter in the car on the way to the airport, and man I was expecting that this was it. This was Gus’ end. You can’t lose a game with that rushing number and have Jimbo come in and beat you when it’s all on the line. I was getting ready to wait patiently for the announcement that he’d be bought out. I didn’t see any of the game live, so it’s hard to know exactly what to think, but from listening, a switch flipped and Auburn just never gave up. It just took 50-odd minutes for the Tigers to figure something out. I’m sure I’m not the only one saying it, but let’s just go full 1999 air raid the rest of the way and let the chips (Lindseys) fall where they may. If we went in and Ronney Daniels-ed Georgia next week by doing that, I’d do something unhealthy.” - Jack Condon

Jarrett Stidham had a great snap judgment...


“This is how the 2014 curse must end.”

“And the comeback against the Aggies was the spark that led the team to go on to win the remainder of its games.”

“Rod: ‘How did that happen, Stan?’”

“I hope the people that left early never come back.”

“I still don’t believe in Gus but I’m so damn happy for this team. Hell of a win.”

“If Alabama is the empire and Tua is the Death Star, then is Gus Han Solo?”

“I’d love to be in the film room when all the receivers laugh at Schwartz, because that’s an Olympian who forgot how to run for a second. Because our Olympic runner tripped over his own feet like a toddler and it makes me chuckle.”

“The Bunker is very mad.”

“Tate cracks me up. Now he’s saying Gus is safe. So to recap... after MSST - only 10% chance gets fired... after UT - definitely gets fired... after OM - needs to go 3-1 to save job... now he’s safe.”

“Auburn outrushed LSU today.”

Georgia this Saturday at 6 PM CST from Athens! Get hype. War Eagle!