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BOOM! ROASTED! - Week 10

Ah, November. A time when the levels start to turn and really look beautiful here in the South. It’s also a time for some insane football action and this week did not disappoint. At least 3 games that would directly impact division, conference and national races were decided this weekend and only one was actually a game. Both Georgia and the Death Star cruised to victory, including holding LSU to only 432 inches rushing (12 yards). I know I know Auburn only gained 19 yards rushing (yes, that’s all) but they (somehow) won and when you say 432 inches, it shows how much Alabama wanted make Joe Burrow beat them and there was no way on this earth that that was going to happen. So, with those two out of the way, lets dive in to Week 10!


If you are looing for some offensive fun then let me introduce you to West Virginia and Texas. This game was a defacto play in game for the Big 12 Title depending on whatever OU does since they are….doing whatever they are doing. This one went back and forth with as many Gus-gasms (Gus Johnson that is, not 1st down, zone read dives) that one could possibly want in a football game. It also had one of the weirdest mini-delay’s I have ever seen in a game…

So just before this, Texas had hit on a TD with just over 2 minutes to go and you would think that WVU would be dead in the water, but how wrong you would be. They calmly marched down the field and set up for this with 25 seconds left…

I wanted the Gus Johnson call so you could feel that with me, but MAN HOW LARGE ARE YOU HOLGO!!! What you don’t see in that video is that Tom Herman did the ultimate Urban Meyer and called a TO JUUUUUUUUUST before WVU snapped it and the ‘Neers still ran their play even though it didn’t count. So they actually hit for 4 points on back to back plays. Solid football game and lived up to the billing and neither team should hang their head on this one.


Normally I don’t like to pick on teams that are struggling or just not good…wait…that’s exactly what I do here! Let me introduce to you Louisville. I know you haven’t seen them since the Death Star did what they did back in week 1 but it hasn’t gotten much better for the Cards, entering Death Valley at 2-6 and prospects for 2-7 were pretty high. Well let’s take a peak at how Sunshine and our Tiger cousins fared against Bobby and the boys….

Oh ...

Wait, he’s on defense! OH NO!!!


When the dust had cleared it was a 77-16 whipping of epic proportions. Which leads me to wonder…

Guess we will find out when either Notre Dame or the Death Star gets a hold of them in a couple of months.


In week 1, I said that I was finished with the Khaki Savior experiment following a loss to Notre Dame. However, that loss doesn’t look that bad and that’s the only time the Blue has faltered this season. So this weekend they welcomed in Penn State, who is close to having this thing come off the rails since calling a 4th and 5 inside trap against Ohio State (it’s like playing with an Ouji board…just don’t do it). So let’s just run through the highlights of this one, since there were a ton of them for the Blue

In all, it was a 42-7 whipping of Penn State that all but takes out Penn State from a fun big time bowl but it means that the Blue are in line to take a spot in the playoff if they can keep doing the football things.


I remember when Terry Daniel punted a ball 70 yards against Florida back in 93 and thought to myself, how on Earth can people do that. Well I leave you, kind reader, with a 95 yard punt…

Until next week! BEAT GEORGIA!!