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The Unofficial Official College and Magnolia Survivor Pool - v2.11

RIP Foy Onion

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, we lost someone for the first time since week 6. RIP Foy Onion. As too many other participants found out in week 2, you just can’t trust Florida.

But, we must march on. AU_Blue, AubieNova, copper4eva, and myself. With three weeks to go, the stakes have never been higher in this here Survivor Pool. The t-shirts for the survivors are ready to be won: it’s up to us to come and take them.

For the record, we all have Tennessee, Arkansas, and Vanderbilt still left to pick, plus one other school. AU_Blue has Kentucky, AubieNova has LSU, copper4eva has Auburn, and I have Texas A&M. So what do we have on tap for week 11?

Saturday, November 10th

Vanderbilt at Mizzou - Noon

Ole Miss at Texas A&M - Noon

#11 Kentucky at Tennessee - 3:30

#24 Auburn at #5 UGA - 7:00

#7 LSU at Arkansas - 7:30