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Staff Picks - CFB Week 11/Auburn vs Washington

We’re sprinkling in some basketball with this one!

NCAA Football: Louisville at Clemson Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

College football, Week 11. It doesn’t quite have the luster of last week’s matchups, but in the end, something crazy will happen in one of these games and we’ll be just fine watching on Saturday. Oh, Auburn basketball tonight. Get our predictions for that one as well!

Mississippi State @ Alabama (-26) (O/U 51.5)

“No analysis needed here. Alabama wins and covers. Let’s say something like 41-13? Don’t know, don’t really care a ton.” - Ryan Sterritt

“The kiss of death for any team facing Alabama is to be one dimensional. It’s ESPECIALLY deadly if that one dimension is the run game. I don’t think the Dawgs will offer much of a fight. Tide rolls 49-9.” - AU Nerd

“God uses the most unlikely heroes to accomplish his work, and who is more unlikely than Nick Fitzgerald? A regular Balaam’s donkey character if there ever was one. Prayers up, State! 42-41.” - Son of Crow

“Oh poor Nick Fitzgerald.... uat 54, State 10.” - Drew McCracken

“Bama Big. What’s new. Bama 48, Mississippi State 10.” - Will McLaughlin

“Lol. Alabama 60-9.” - AU Chief

“Bama minus anything. Alabama 36 (six missed XP), State 6.” - James Jones

“Mississippi State can’t throw the ball (unless you’re Texas A&M apparently), and that’ll continue here. Bama gets a couple picks, Tua has another big game, and the Tide covers easily. 45-14.” - Jack Condon

Oklahoma State @ Oklahoma (-17.5) (O/U 76.5)

“Bedlam! It is exceedingly dumb that this game isn’t the week of Thanksgiving. Anyways, we’re getting the #1 S&P+ offense vs the #63 S&P+ defense. Specifically, it’s a Cowboys defense that isn’t exceedingly terrible at any one thing, but is average to mediocre at everything. Kyler Murray is going to get to do whatever he wants. 56-35 Oklahoma.” - Ryan Sterritt

“The Cowpokes are my adopted team after marrying into an OKST family. I’ve followed them in recent seasons and can tell you first hand that this team always finds a way to lose to the Sooners. Given that this is not even a good Oklahoma State team, I REALLY don’t like their chances. Sooners pound Pokes 45-28.” - AU Nerd

“I love these games usually, but I think OSU doesn’t want much of what Kyler Murray can give them. OU is torching fools this year and I am afraid the Pokes don’t have the defense to stop them. That said, weird things happen in Bedlam, until they don’t. Sooners 60-30.” - Son of Crow

“I really want to take Okie State here, so I will (plus I need to if I am going to catch Nerd). Okie State 54, OU 49.” - Drew McCracken

“Bedlam!! It’s been a down year for Mike Gundy’s guys despite their win over Texas. The Sooners are looking to keep pace in the Big 12 as a showdown with West Virginia looms on Black Friday. Sooners defense is still a massive question mark but they have enough offense to win this one. Oklahoma 48, Oklahoma State 35.” - Will McLaughlin

“This one could be interesting. Chokelahoma could still, I suppose, be in the hunt for playoff spot. They already have a transitive loss to the Cowboys, but Okie State has seen a lot of ups and downs this year. It being in Norman probably gives the Sooners the advantage though, but I can see this one being a pretty narrow contest. University of Oklahoma, abbreviated correctly as UO, 48-41.” - AU Chief

“I still don’t trust Oklahoma State, and Kyler Murray is ludicrous right now. Man that’s a big total to hit, but I’ll take the Pokes to cover and the over. Oklahoma 47, OK State 35.” - James Jones

“Oklahoma State’s offense looked really good against Texas, and the Sooner defense isn’t great, but they still won’t be able to keep up with Kyler Murray. OU pulls away in the second half for a 47-35 win.” - Jack Condon

Texas (-1) @ Texas Tech (O/U 64.5)

“How many times can I go to the “don’t take Tom Herman as a favorite” well? I’m not going to, this week, even though I REALLY want to. Texas wins this one 38-30.” - Ryan Sterritt

“Todd Orlando’s defense has really struggled stopping the Air Raid since the 4th quarter of that Oklahoma game. But the Red Raiders have big injury problems. Their star QB Allan Bowman left at halftime in last week’s battle with the Sooners due him leaving the game at halftime because of a collapsed lung. It’s the same reason he left the West Virginia game earlier this year. Given it’s happened twice I just don’t see him playing this weekend. If that’s the case Horns win big 34-14.” - AU Nerd

“Weird. Things. Happen. In. Lubbock. At. Night. Tech 56-46.” - Son of Crow

“Tech has looked better but that was before their QB had whatever happened to him at half time. Hook ‘em. Texas 34, Tech 24.” - Drew McCracken

“Sheesh Texas. West Virginia broke their hearts last weekend scoring a TD and converting a 2-point conversion with 16 seconds left to beat the Longhorns by 1. Now they go to Lubbock to play a team that gave Oklahoma everything it wanted and more last week. If Texas Tech would have had their starting QB the whole game, I think they would have pulled the upset. I just don’t trust picking Texas anymore so I’ll go with the Red Raiders. Texas Tech 41, Texas 38.” - Will McLaughlin

“Man, Texas ain’t back. Texas Tech 35-34.” - AU Chief

“You could give me 5/1 odds and I wouldn’t take the Texas as a favorite in Lubbock at night. I think they try to muck it up, so it won’t hit the total. Texas Tech 33, Texas 27.” - James Jones

“It’s on the road, so it’ll be closer than you’d expect, but without knowing if Bowman’s going to play, I can’t take the Red Raiders here. Horns win, 40-20.” - Jack Condon

Clemson (-18) @ Boston College (O/U 59.5)

“Clemson is getting into Alabama territory these days. I don’t particularly care what the line is. Clemson is going to cover. They’ve averaged a score of 60-9 the last four weeks. Boston College isn’t terrible, but even with home field advantage and Gameday this one feels like a rout. 51-20 Clemson.” - Ryan Sterritt

“Scott Loeffler’s offense is actually fun? What the hell? It won’t matter Saturday as Clemson appears to be the only team with a real shot at stopping the monster in Tuscaloosa. Tigers win comfortably 45-20.” - AU Nerd

“Man I don’t know a thing about BC this year. I bet Clemson smokes them though. Tigers 45-25.” - Son of Crow

“Temps will be in the 30s so I would take the points but Clemson will win this one. Clemson 28, BC 14.” - Drew McCracken

“Clemson’s the only team I see out there that can hang with Alabama. With respect to Duke, South Carolina, and whoever comes out of the disaster that’s the ACC Coastal, this is Clemson’s toughest test left on the schedule. AJ Dillon could give Clemson problems in the running game but I just don’t think Boston College has enough firepower on offense. Clemson 38, Boston College 21.” - Will McLaughlin

“Clemson may be our only hope to keep Alabama from winning another stupid title. I don’t see them having any problems with Tom Brady’s best bud and his newfound offensive prowess. Clemson 42-17.” - AU Chief

“Clemson has reached that part of the season where they’ve had their close call, and now they are ready to destroy the world… until the playoffs anyway. Clemson 41, BC 20.” - James Jones

“All I know about BC is that they somehow have Scott Loeffler’s offense working. They must be alright, but Clemson is rolling right now through a bad ACC. Tigers all day, 45-17.” - Jack Condon

Kentucky (-4) @ Tennessee (O/U 42.5)

“Okay fine, I’ll pick an upset. Kentucky is going to be hung over after that Georgia loss. Despite having the best year in decades for the Wildcats, they aren’t really playing for anything anymore. Tennessee steals an ugly one, 22-17.” - Ryan Sterritt

“I’m actually rooting for Tennessee this weekend. Why? BECAUSE I DON’T WANT AUBURN TO BE THE ONLY VOL SEC WIN IN LIKE THREE YEARS AAARRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!! Yes, I’m still a tad mad... The Kats have come back to earth a bit after getting drubbed by UGA. Snell is a little banged up but I think he’s gonna come out mad & since AU is not allowed to have nice things the Vols will undoubtedly finish this season with exactly one SEC win... Kats 21, Vols 17.” - AU Nerd

“UK has to win out to get the chance to be the hero we all deserve. I hope they do it. And I hope they beat Tennessee into oblivion this week. How did we lose to this Vols team?! Cats 28-18.” - Son of Crow

“Tennessee is really bad and Kentucky is a bit POed. UK 24, Tennessee 13.” - Drew McCracken

“Kentucky went back to being a basketball school after their loss to Georgia last week. Wait, Kentucky Basketball lost by 34 to Duke!!!! Still can’t believe that. Anyways, back on sport, I like the Cats this weekend to bounce back. Kentucky 21, Tennessee 14.” - Will McLaughlin

“I’ve been saying I’m all in on UK. Unfortunately, they really let me down against the Dwags. That said, I think they are at least competent, which is what Auburn was not when they played the Vols. This does, however, seem like something Pruitt could push as the signature win this season. I’m still going to go with the Wildcats. Kentucky 31-16.” - AU Chief

“So disappointed in the Cats last weekend. I think they’ll win here, but I don’t like them enough to take a road favorite. Kentucky 17, Tennessee 14.” - James Jones

“Despite Tennessee not being very good, I still don’t think Kentucky’s good either. The ranking is a sham. Volunteers with the win here at home, 21-13.” - Jack Condon


And now for tonight’s ranked matchup at Auburn Arena, we’re picking #11 Auburn vs #25 Washington.

BASKETBALL AW YEAH Auburn vs Washington

“That’s #11 Auburn vs #25 Washington, thank you very much! All I know about UW is that they beat a Desean Murray-less WKU team, although they trailed at the half. Auburn Arena was fun Tuesday night, but with the first ranked non-con game in Auburn Arena history on Friday, I want this place to be B U M P I N G. Jared’s going to hit some dumb threes. Chuma is going to be a boss again. And we’re probably going to get to see Austin Wiley get some minutes. Oh boy. Auburn, 88-75.” - Ryan Sterritt

“I prepared myself to be disappointed Tuesday. Who could blame me? Auburn basketball has historically been one of the most disappointing programs on Auburn’s campus. But holy mercy have things changed. Auburn came out focused and clearly on a mission to settle #UnfinishedBusiness. That’s a talented South Alabama squad that they dismantled. The Huskies are a bit offensive challenged but very good on the defensive end. They’ve got some beef down low but it sounds like AU will too with reports Austin Wiley will see some action. I think Auburn’s shooting stays hot in AU Arena and the Tigers build an early lead they never relinquish. Tigers 85, Huskies 77.” - AU Nerd

“Auburn is a different team without Heron and Murray. From what I saw against South Alabama, auburn is playing even faster and more frenetic than it did last season. Look for Harper to push the ball even more against a good Huskies team that also can run a bit. I’m excited to see Wiley play in this system, but am happy to get him healthy for our trip to Hawaii (Orange and True’s Hawaii fact finding mission still needs a sponsor and guess what it could be you). Auburn 108, Washington 93.” - Son of Crow

“The roundball Tigers looked awesome against USA and I think they have a good showing here too. Wiley will play a little so get the DVRs out! Auburn 89, Huskies 77.” - Drew McCracken

“Now THIS is the main event of the weekend. It’s the biggest college basketball game of the night, the weekend for that matter, and it’s not on ESPN. The disrespect.... anyways, the Tigers looked great Tuesday night but Washington is a whole new animal compared to South Alabama. They boast the best defensive player in the Pac-12, Matisse Thybulle, who had 6 blocks against Western Kentucky. They beat a good Western Kentucky team by 18 the other night and will look to make a statement on behalf of the Pac-12. As for Auburn, Austin Wiley has a chance to return to the lineup and hopefully we get a glimpse of him tonight. I’m on the record saying Jared or Bryce will go for 25+ and Auburn wins a thriller amongst hopefully a raucous crowd at Auburn Arena. Auburn 86, Washington 81.” - Will McLaughlin

“In my estimation, this is the biggest non-conference game in the history of Auburn Arena. Last season we played UCONN, but they turned out to be kind of a disaster. Prior to this one, it was probably that Xavier game a couple of years ago that was a huge victory for the Tigers. Now we get a ranked Huskies team. I expect the atmosphere to be electric. Unless we come out shooting completely out of our minds, and/or someone, lets say Okeke, lights it up for 20 points in the first five minutes or something stupid, I expect this game to be a rather tight affair, with Auburn pulling away towards the end. The crowd should be a huge boon for the Tigers, and I hope we can impress the Washington fans that make the trip with our atmosphere. Auburn 88-78.” - AU Chief

“If Auburn shoots like they did Tuesday night, they’ll drum Washington’s 2-3 zone right out of the building. I don’t expect another shooting night like that for a while though. This is going to depend on Auburn’s spacing on offense and inspired defense. They have the athletes and the shooters to get this done. Auburn 78, Washington 70.” - James Jones

“After Tuesday night’s win, it’s hard not to think that the Tigers come out and continue bombing away at home. Washington’s having to come through a couple time zones, which I hope affects them more than they let on. They don’t have a whole lot of size, so if Auburn wants to, there could be a huge mismatch with Wiley, McLemore, Okeke, and Spencer in the middle. I think we see another complete effort and Auburn Arena’s rocking for a late night tip. Tigers 90, Huskies 72.” - Jack Condon