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Talking to Your Children About Georgia vs Alabama

We have to go through this again?

Didn’t we do this already? Like back in January?

We gave you a primer on how to make the most out of both possible outcomes when Georgia and Alabama met for the national championship earlier this year, and now this becomes another edition in #FieryHellChasmWatch2018 as we’d like Mercedes-Benz Stadium to go ahead and implode into the earth today.

That’s not likely to happen, but there are still ways that we can rationalize a smidgen of happiness or satisfaction from either outcome in today’s SEC Championship.

First, let’s get the most likely outcome out of the way. If Alabama wins, which they’re favored by about two touchdowns to do, then that just prevents Georgia from getting back to the Playoff and having a shot at another national championship. At this point, Alabama doesn’t care. They don’t. They’re so spoiled that another SEC Championship and another National Championship is just another bit of the gluttonous smorgasbord that they’re gorging themselves upon. It just adds another brick to the house that’ll eventually crumble with more Shula years (it’ll happen), and what’s the difference if they claim 18 or 19 or 20 championships, whatever the count’s up to now.

And, like we mentioned, it just keeps Georgia out of the title picture. Again. Auburn, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, and LSU have all won championships in the past 20 years. In the SEC, those are the other members of the “Big Six” along with Georgia. It’s pretty satisfying to say “Hey, Georgia... 1980’s a long, long time ago.”

Plus, the last time that Alabama won two straight titles, Auburn bounced back with a vengeance the next year. It remains to be seen if we’ll be able to do that in 2019, but don’t stop me from hoping at this point.

So, how do we feel if Georgia wins? First of all, they’d be back in the Playoff, but Alabama might be back in as well. However we feel about either team, we know that we don’t want to see BOTH of those squads playing for a national championship again. The Playoff Committee likes to talk about getting the four best teams, but common sense would dictate that today’s game is a quarterfinal on the national stage. Why should the loser of this game get a mulligan and make the final four? And if it’s Alabama, then that would be the third time that they would have failed to win the division or the conference and still make the BCS Championship/Playoff. If Georgia wins, we’d better hope for some really dominant performances from either Oklahoma or Ohio State (or both). Play some defense, Sooners.

Also, I think we need to commend Georgia on a surface level for at least shooting their shot. You can’t miss if you don’t take the chance.

The plea for help got shut down in a hurry, but hey, why not at least ask?

I applaud those two Twitter accounts for shutting it down. The official stance cannot be to pull for one side or another, even though I’m sure that individual fans have rooting interests. I know that I actually found myself pulling for Georgia last year when these two met, even thought contributors like Ryan Sterritt grew up in Bulldog territory and are likely pulling for Alabama today.

Still, if Georgia wins, and Alabama is somehow left out of the Playoff, that’s pretty solid. I’d take that, especially because I think that Clemson, Notre Dame, and Oklahoma have better shots to beat the Dawgs than they do to beat Bama.

The moral of the story here is that something terrible is going to happen either way. One of our hated rivals is going to win and advance to the Playoff. That’s a fact. It’s your job to find the happiness in whichever team loses and suffers. Get that schadenfreude, people.